Since I can crawl again

Since weeks I have a pain in my shoulder and two weeks ago a really bad pain started in my back. Alexander was on a business trip when it was worst and sometimes I was glad. The nights were the worst and in one or two nights I yelled out of pain and frustration. I met him in Berlin and later he told me that he was so shocked when he saw me. My eyes were so big and so full of pain. Pictures from this week are horrible you can see it even when I stand still.
But since one week it's getting better and so I try out more and more things.

My bike loaded with weed
My beloved E-bike is in Berlin and the 'new' E-Fat-Bike has not arrived (from Italy) yet. So I walk uphill and downhill, because while walking or moving I have the least pain. I tried once or twice my old bike, but I have the feeling that this heavy uphill and downhill cycling is not good for my back on a 'normal' bike.
A good indicator that something is really not working is the relation between Pepe and me. If we are in balance all life is just easy, if not ... complications are on every corner. And we too were for sure out of balance. I could't groom him because of my shoulder, and I started to move less with them. Confusion in the office changed me for sure in my self-assurance and now the back. He kept his distance to me and started his stallion manner again.
Since one week my back is getting better and I started to walk our very short round every morning. Also we have a real summer here in my area it is not really relaxing in the forest because of the million of flies and horseflies. Temperature is very high and my old guys are kind of suffering. The like to stay in the paddock in the shadow.
Yesterday Alexander shooed me out of the house and said I should go for a longer walk, because he thinks it will help my back. Since these painful times are now several weeks and I started to move much less than usual also my body is changing. It's getting soft, muscles are disappearing and I'm complaining.
So I collared Pepe and started to walk.

Looks like a jungle

My region looks like a postcard

Postcard view

Mosquito attack awaits us
It was great. At the beginning Pepe shuffled behind me, but after 10 min or so he started to snort and I also felt that my muscles in the back relaxed. We had our balance back. It started on Thursday I don't know why, I tried hard since several days to get my balance back. And on Thursday he approached to me.
After one horsefly attack very shortly a mosquito attack followed and I just ran. Slow like a jog but I did it. It felt so good, and little Pepe ahead was shaking his head as always when he is satisfied with running. Just short distances, but no pain.
It becomes a routine that on Sunday morning I bring my guys into our garden. They graze, I drink my coffee, knit and read. This morning they were a little restless until I groomed all of them. The big ones get extra fly care and they stood still like monuments. After that they strolled through the garden and I was lucky to capture the following rare moment. Pepe and Point are grooming.


  1. Oh Sabine, I'm sorry for your pain! The shoulder is such a bad place because the joint is used so much - I hope it is on the mend. Sometimes I suffer a bout of painful sciatic nerve which lasts for some weeks & then disappears; when it is present I feel old, but when it is gone I feel young again. Just now Mr Shoes has been having sciatic pain - I feel for him too.

    Here the tic season is over & the horseflies gone too, but now there are a completely different biting fly after the horses. And, of course, always the damn mosquitoes.

    1. Is there not a second tic season? Our first is also over, but I think there is one ahead. Horseflies stop after corn harvest and I think they started.
      I wish Mr Shoes a speedy recovery! Alexander knows more or less no pain. He has a few memories, but normally he is fine. Sometimes I think I carry his share too.

  2. I am glad you're improving! I hope you find out why, it's too hard to be inactive!

    I'm so glad you got out to take such lovely photos. I love the postcard one, it really does look perfect.

    1. There is a new vet in my animal clinic. He visited us to look after Moritz tooth. I told him about his laminitis and then he interrupted me and said: 'Don't look for reasons. May be it's the same with me in this case: To many reasons and I will never find out for sure. The main topic is the balance of body and mind. We all look to much after the body and forgot our sensitive minds. At least, that's what I find out for myself. I'm glad to have this visible band to Pepe and will take this more seriously.


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