Being professionally clumsy

It happened on Friday morning right in front of Alexander. We were on a business trip in Linz (Austria) and I turned around from the reception and walked to him.
There was this moment when I was not able to move my feet anymore, they were connected and I fell ...
What I know immediately that I will not be able to catch my fall and that I felt immediately ashamed. How crazy is that?
What happened?

Favorite boots: Climbing boots from Art
Normally you see me with boots which cover the ankle. It is like this for ages and I never asked myself why. Just thought this is pretty, I guess. My total favorite are climbing boots from the brand Art
At this morning I laced my shoes a little careless. I was in a hurry and thought that will be enough because I will be most of the day indoor, not much walking. 
So when I turned at the reception and walked toward Alexander the two inner hooks at the highest point of my boots snagged together and I was no longer able to make one step. So I tipped. As you can imagine it was a straight fall like a cut down tree.
Surprisingly I was not hurt at all although the ground was out of stone. Alexander was on my side in no time and guided me to a couch. The receptionist brought water, but I was OK. A little shocked, mostly ashamed and very irritated.
At the office Alexander borrowed a pliers and closed the hooks as you can see in the picture.
At the weekend we spoke about my accident. I asked him whether it had to be a horrible view, me coming closer and in the next second falling like a tree. And if he had thought that I'm sick or something like that. No, he knew that I was OK. He saw it, for him it was clear that it is just me being clumsy. I told him, that it had happened several times before but never that tight. And also I remember that while walking it often happens that one shoe hits the ankle of my other feet. After this I checked my boots and yes you can see the markings.

Dirt markings where I hit my ankle
I also know that I walk in a more or less straight line. Alexander had the association about 'walking in a string', and that animals do that. We looked it up in the Internet and found pictures of traces. Further research and we found out that people walk like this to relieve the hips and here we go and I remember that I once had this terrible pain, went to the doctor and got this diagnosis.
So my preference for higher boots come from my kicking myself at the ankles, no fashion style and this comes from my way how I walk to release my hips.
You never get old enough to learn about yourself.
At the end: Alexander spoke in high terms about my way of falling. I had my elbows in front of me and the next day my arms and shoulder had a kind of stiffness. Every knee had a bruise. But he said it looked kind of professional and that most people would have tried to absorb the fall with a hand and that could have ended in a serious injury on this hard ground.
Of course I don't see myself as clumsy but taking a glimpse through Alexanders eyes I maybe can see his point ...


  1. OK, it's rude if I laugh, right? But this is some comedy skit, getting your boots caught together! I'm glad you weren't hurt, though falling is always a stress. Interesting that you walk like that. Made me think: I always have dirt on the upper inside of my right leg, I must swing that left leg some weird way. But I'm the opposite, I hate any boot that covers my ankle. Whatever works for clumsy folk!

  2. No it's not rude, let's laugh together!

  3. Okay then Sabine, since you said it's a funny picture.
    I imagine you now as a race horse & I would say that you should need "a set of brush & bell boots" to save yourself from injury because you "interfere with yourself as you go".

  4. I think 'interfere with yourself as you go' is a perfect definition for: being professionally clumsy. I googeled brush & bell boots and they are available in pink and with glitter so I can go with that! Joining again the laughter but asking myself is that there the shame comes from ... Uhuh serious thoughts.

  5. No shame allowed Sabine!
    Usually I am alone when I perform some hilarious act of clumsiness so I can laugh it off, but when I was working in a store, twice I slipped in water & fell down when there were plenty of people around (the owner wouldn't put out rugs before about 50 people saw me fall down & actually hurt myself because she said MORE people would fall from rugs. She was a dope, & she put out rugs AFTER I fell). Anyway, I fall down & I'm crying and a man was trying to help me but so many people just staring - I felt like a CAT, just embarrassed so many people were gawking at me. I notice that anytime my cats fall, maybe they misjudge a distance, they check to see if anyone witnessed. Then they act completely casual like, "Oh, that. I meant to do that."

    Last thought on this - I know you like to wear those above the ankle boots - I was thinking.... using a stencil, you could glue & glitter a horse or a star or something on the outside of the ankles. Just goofing around here - but if I lived close, I might do such a thing to your boots as a practical joke.

  6. These are great thoughts and thank you for sharing. Alexander and I saw once a big predator bird landing on a branch and slipping of it. He made an angry sound and it felt so human.
    I think I will do zhis with my boots. Sounds like a fitting idea!


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