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I take a break

I take a break from this Blog.
It is in my mind since some time and while I was driving to my Pony's this morning I felt that it is about time to actually change something or say something.
Sitting at my computer and start typing I felt stupid,  and I was asking myself when do I started this Blog. And then lost myself in the past and older posts ...
I like my Blog much more in the beginning. While reading I had to laugh and even get tears in my eyes. I was honest and funny in my self reflection.
What happened and when did it happen that I bore myself with my posts. One reason why I kind of stopped writing: Just another story of hiking with Pony's.
I will try to find out by reading myself through my Blog. And maybe I can catch myself back ...

Finally I looked through the pictures I made in August 2018 for leaving not without summarizing and showing that we are at least look like the same. Also trying to make a step into the direction I want to go again with this Blog right now.

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