Wir sind wieder unterwegs / We are on the road again

Sonntag ist der beste Wandertag
Sunday is the most favorite day for hiking
Dreieinhalb Wochen in Berlin mit Pepe, dann das erste Wochenende wieder in der Zollernalb und es war Treibjagd, daher ist es eine Weile her das wir so unterwegs waren. Und das hat man auch gemerkt. Es hat ein paar Kilometer gedauert, bis wir wieder alle im Einklang waren.
Three and a half week in Berlin with Pepe. Then when I was back in the Zollernalb at the weekend was a hunting in the forest and I better stayed out of it. So it's been a while since we hiked like this. And you could also feel it. It took some kilometer to come to harmony.


  1. I can well imagine you would not want to hike through woods where hunters are active! My goodness, even here on my own property with lots of acres separating us from other people, when I hear a gunshot, I jump. Our property is posted No Trespassing, but poachers rarely read & heed. Also, in this province Natives are allowed to hunt whatever they want, whenever they want... including hunting at night which is illegal for any other Canadian, & jack lighting, which is simply despicable regardless of who is doing it. Saint will often come out of the bush with part of a deer, lots of flesh still on it, but never any antlers... curious, I would say, because the hunter who is hunting to feed his family takes ALL the meat before he cares about a "trophy".

  2. Wow, your country is so different. Here the hunters think that people should not be in the forest. Once one forced me to turn around and go another way. It was winter and it was getting dark. I was really scared and reached our place hours behind plan. So, I guess no riding during dawn or night.


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