Es riecht modrig / It smells moldy

Durch den vielen Regen gibt es zum einen ungeheuer viele Stechmücken und Bremsen, aber ich finde auch das es irgendwie überall leicht modrig riecht.
Because of the heavy rain there are very much mosquitoes and horseflies. And everywhere it smells a little bit moldy.

Das ist ein Pilz am Straßenrand
That's a mushroom at the side of a street
Mit den Ponys unterwegs sein ist auch ein eher zweifelhaftes Vergnügen und ich bin mir gar nicht so sicher, ob sie noch Spaß haben. Entweder es ist kochend heiß und viele Insekten, oder es ist zumindest schwitzig und viele Insekten.
Letzte Woche habe ich einen Weg gewählt neben einem Kanal der eine gewisse Fließgeschwindigkeit hat und neben der Autobahn entlang führt, tatsächlich gab es etwas weniger Insekten. Auf dem Rückweg hatten wir dann Verfolger. Meine Freude an diesen halbwilden Ponys und Rindern ist ungebrochen.
To be on the road with my hairy friends is an ambiguous pleasure, and I'm not sure if they are happy about it. Either it is very hot and a lot of insects or it is sweaty and also a lot of insects.
Last week I chose a trail between a channel which had a slow flow rate and was beside a highway and indeed there where somewhat less insects. On our back we had chaser. My delight about these half wild horses or cattle are unbroken.

Da folgt etwas
Somewhat is following

Coming closer

Ganz nah
Very close
Pepe hat sie interessanterweise nicht bemerkt. Ich war zwar froh, weil es dann kein Theater gab, aber wundern tut es mich schon. Ich beobachte ihn seit einiger Zeit und irgendwie ist er tatsächlich immer der letzte der mich bemerkt, oder wenn er alleine ist auch richtig erschrickt. Ansprechen oder leises rufen hört er nicht. Kann man eigentlich einen Hörtest bei Pferden machen? Und der Schopf verdeckt ja auch die Sicht. Irgendwie finde ich das nicht gut, oder zumindest merkwürdig.
Pepe did not noticed them. On one side I was happy because it means no stallion trouble, but I also found it odd. I study him since some time, because he is always the one who detect me last or only because of the reaction of the others. Sometimes he is really shocked, because he is not reacting of my voice. Is it possible to make a hearing test for horses? Also he has a really thick thatch that may be blocks his view. Somehow I think this is not right, or at least strange. 

Gestern war ich dann wieder unterwegs. Ab und an kamen wir in richtige Plagen von Insekten, Pepe wollte immer davon joggen. Das ein oder andere mal habe ich mitgemacht, aber bei diesen Temperaturen ist das nicht gesund, mir wurde immer schnell schwindelig. Aber als ich gleichzeitig rechts und links an den Armen von Bremsen gebissen wurde verstand ich ihn schon. Autsch tut das weh! Fliegenspray für Pferde hilft quasi nichts und meins muss ich alle 30 Minuten erneuern.
Neben vielen Insekten gab es einen Klettenstrauch der von ganz vielen Schmetterlingen besetzt war. Ein wunderschöner und verzaubernder Anblick.
Yesterday we were again on the road. Now and again we came into a field of insects. Pepe always wanted to jog through. I tried it several times, but at this heat I felt dizzy afterwards and thought that can't be healthy. But when I was bitten by horseflies at the left and right arm simultaneously I truly understand him. Wow, that hurts! Fly spray for horses is more or less useless and mine I have to renew every 30 minutes.
Beside the many insects I found a big bush of burdock with lots of butterflies. It was a very beautiful sensation. 

Wie aus einer anderen Welt
Like from another world
Rings um unseren Hof wurde ausschließlich Mais angebaut. Man fühlt sich etwas wie im Dschungel, weil er mittlerweile über mannshoch ist. Aber auch zwischen diesen Stengel weht es muffig heraus.
Around the horse pension the cultivate exclusively corn. Right now it is a little bit of a Dschungel feeling because they are so high. And also between the stems there comes a slightly moldy smell.

Meine zwei alten Krieger machen alles mit
My two elder warriors take part whatever I do


  1. As always, I love the photos - that mushroom looks the size of a baseball... or bigger? Huge. Also the butterflies - we have mostly Monarchs but a few other smaller ones & I see a lot of colourful moths here too. Thankfully a fence between the residents & the hikers - when I was a kid and had a single pony, she would cry & cry when a horse went by. Since I've been in control of my own horse life, I have never let a horse be all on it's own. They are such social animals, I cannot let loneliness be their life!

    How old is Pepe? I would be worried too that he is not reacting, and I agree that it could be his hearing is not so good as when he was younger. I am wondering if it might not be a good idea to braid his forelock or, dare I say, perhaps trim it back so he see's better?

  2. Pepe is 13 years old. I had to look it up :-)
    I bought him when he was 4 months old, already separated from his mother, living for some time with sheep and a lung inflammation infected from sheep. He spent several weeks in the hospital where he also was in quarantine. After that he had to go again to the hospital because they overlooked a verminous and it was pretty bad. He left the hospital fat like a hippo because everyone was cuddling him. I made quite a scene while leaving. He had trouble with scours until he was 5 years old and it is still his weak point. We are quite bonded over this time. If I have too much stress he get's scours. He is my total stop sign for stress.
    I also would never keep a horse alone, but Pepe is different because of his history. He was not able to play when he was young because he was always to sick and tired. He is very relaxed alone with me and it seems to give us both a time out from other things. So for some days it is ok, but not for long. Also he is now a 'complete' stallion and can not stay in a herd. New situation which is not yet decided, but again we too alone is perfect.


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