Easter Monday GoPro Day?

This morning I was preparing Pepe as the guy who wears the GoPro today. I started to work with the GoPro for my office project SLAP - 'See like a pony' and it is really amazing how it can affect you to see through Ponies ears. Recently I was able to cut a video I like very much: The Postman. The important thing is how and when the ears starts to focus or end to focus.
But today it should be Pepe.

GoPro man for Easter Monday

Because of his huge amount of hair I tried to control it with different braids. I'm still working on that especially when I look about the prototype he will wear soon.
After  30 minutes there comes a situation: We are passing a meadow with several huge horses. I couldn't believe my luck and started to film with my iPhone so that I will have both sides. How does it look from 'his point of view' and how from the outside.

But to anticipate the result, the camera was not working ... A while later we met a dog who was not really attacking Pepe, but he came close and Pepe was walking straight to him. I couldn't believe my luck for the outcome of the video material for this day. When I was home and wanted to save them I had to accept, that I didn't turn the camera on. Hard to describe how I feel.
So at least we have the little man in action!
Also Point who was allowed to run free among us and I was obvious in a video mood today.

Yesterday I read a post from Trails (and Trials) and again this woman inspired me with a link to a book which I immediately loaded down to my kindle and start reading: 'The World without us'. This book goes under my skin and I decide to read it slowly, every day a chapter. With this in mind I looked different into my right and left side of the forest. I think that the forest in this area is not over managed by the forest institution, but there are a lot of 'human signs'.


To the left

To the right


A lot to think especially when I'm strolling through the forest. Nature these days is in a big change. Spring is coming, first bumble-bees, brimstone butterfly, wasp, ticks etc. My hairy creatures are changing their coat and longing for every grass stalk. And with every season change we got older and older. The evanescence is omnipresent or is it just my view from my age, situation, mood or influenced by the reading?

10 km are enough ...


  1. SO cute how the little man is so sure of himself with the big horses on the other side of the fence!
    SLAP - what an interesting concept Sabine. looking forward to more.

    1. There will be a lot more to SLAP, please follow the Blog. I'm really interested in your opinion. Also there will be a more serious reason for me to do it also in English: For you :-)

  2. I love the go pro on the pony idea, and what a little show-off next to the big horses. Can't wait for more video.

    I'm glad you like the book suggestion, it made quite an impact on me. I imagine in Europe, with so many eras of human civilization, that there is little that is "untouched" but I'm sure plenty that has been reclaimed by nature from past history.

    1. Yes, Europe is populous. I think there are some untouched places 'in care' so to say. I started to read the book out loud to Alexander so we can share and discuss. It's a lot of fun! There is a German writer: Andreas Weber, he writes about the new form of biology. He has titels like: 'All feels'. Unfortunately his books are not translated, I would like to know what you think about his ideas.

  3. Just a thought for SLAP -- it is possible to add a translator widget so that the type will change to whatever language the reader selects.

    1. Thank you, do you have an example? I haven't found a satisfactory solution until now. In Sandadel.com, means Wordpress not Blogger, I always write two Posts and seperate it with categorys. Not what I really want.


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