Old Man's Walk

Alexander and I have overdone a little or more than a little. Now we have to find a way to slow things down, which is easier said than done.
For that I invented the 'Old Man's Walk' at the end of the day. Means a short walk with all my beloved guys. Sometimes the start is not easy, bu the reward is assured.

Same color of the 'fur' and hair
This time Alexander had at the very beginning an idea of how to furnish our kitchen in our freshly rented flat in Berlin. So now back home he disappeared immediately in front of his computer - not exact what I had in mind, but very understandable ...
So the news are out, some small changes already started, we rented a flat in Berlin and our wish is to be part time in Berlin and part time in the surrounding area of Stuttgart. Ponies have to be mobile ... There will be a story about A/THE trailer, some sort of philosophical thought followed by the practice ... But we will be slow.
Looking back to the 10th of July 2015 when I wrote this post: Changes: smaller ones and bigger ones I almost have tears in my eyes. He has flown a lot and I was running (you can understand this only when you follow the link and read the post to the end), but what I wish now is a short rest. Him on the upper tree of a fantastic smelling Sequoia, me resting between his big roots. Just catching some breath ...

My daily dose of Sequoia


  1. Well, at last the secret is finally out.
    Is Stuttgart close?
    Will you still be able to see the ponies daily?
    If this is the 'small change', I can't imagine what is the 'big change'!
    What a big change to make Sabine, I hope it brings you & Alexander much happiness.
    Looking forward to hearing how & where you will keep the ponies.

  2. No Stuttgart is not close it's round about 700 km away. Yes, I will see my ponies on a daily basis but just once, not twice like today. And they won't be 5 min away with the bike. But I had this 10 years ago. It will work, has to. I think it's one small step in a whole set of changes. But I agree it's definitely not a small one. There have been changes at work, but I will not talk about it in public. They were kind of huge ..., good but also kind of painful. The first time in Berlin is not set right now, but I surely will talk about it!


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