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Almost 6 months are over from 2016 and as I promised down to the present day it was a 'mobile' one. And there is more to come. One more reason to come to a stop and look around. What are/were the big points?
1. Pepe decided to be a stallion
2. Pepe and I traveled to Linz
3. Point, Moritz, Pepe and Sabine traveled to Berlin
4. Sabine is in Italy

Right foot in left shoe. The important thing is
to realize and not trying to walk
1. Pepe decided to be a stallion
First time I wrote at the 26th of April about Pepe changing into a serious stallion and the resulting changes and problems. After this Pepe and I went on a business trip to Linz and stayed there at a trail rider hotel. How to describe Pepe?  He was neighing a lot. He was not able to stand still and in the few days he really lost weight. From a little bit chubby cute small Pony he had changed into a kind of a weapon. At least that was what I thought when I walked with him. Hard muscels and a strong will. I remember one morning: I walked with him, and he ran back and forth and I was really exhausted. I missed him and our precious time togehter and so I just sat on a stump. He was not standing still and when I called his name he seems to look at me from a great distance. He even came to me, only to start his running to and fro again. I choosed a romatic place deep in the woods with a small watercourse beside us.

Romantic place for serious thoughts
I asked myself what to do when he stays like this, if I can handle him and if I want it. A lot of people asked me about castration. And one woman asked me: 'Do you think he is well?' I was not able to answer this question, but thought a lot of it. (Try to answer this question for yourself. Seriously!)
When we arrived home there was this last greeting in a great stallion manner. Alexander saw him the first time like this and that was that about the stallion. Since then my cute litlle Pony is back, an easy to handle stallion. Even when we where in Berlin he was pretty much ok, and there I had the chance to understand more. One day it was very hot and I wanted to make some GoPro Videos and thought I made it easy for me and just took Pepe. The three had a seperate piece of meadow some hundred meters away from the other horses. To install the camera I had to go to the horse trailer which I parked on the farm. Pepe was like in Linz. Changed instantly. So I learned with his herd he is alert, but quite and well-behaved. Without his herd he changes into the wild stallion. It is quite a change, but understandable. Even him, and I know this from years of observation, who needs his own space and distance has a point where his herd is more than necessary.

2. Pepe and I traveled to Linz
Traveling with a horse on a business trip was new for me. While I was preparing for the trip I thought I had never packed a suitcase for a Pony and found it quite difficult. Maybe because it was a business trip and not a holiday trip, I took it very seriously.
For my SLAP project we met between the Ars Electronica Center and the Ars Electronica Future Lab. It's cloose to the big river Danube. At out first meeting we thought that it would be a good idea to go down to the riverside, so Pepe could fetch now and then some grass. But there were so many people and we had to answer so many questions that after two hours Marianne (Ars Electronica) and I were just exhausted. The interesting thing was that I coming from Mercedes was not very intersting for the people, but Marianne as a representative from Ars Electronica was taken very seriously. So in the end we cut conversation short and said that I'm an artist who makes a project with my Pony and Ars Electronica. This was accepted!

Trailerparking at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz
We had one funny incident. Of course people were making lot's of photos. And on the first day a few hours after our arriving the local newspaper was asking one of the Ars Electronica guys what's this all about with the Pony. News travel fast these days. In the evening the owner of the trail rider hotel told me that she found a picture of Pepe in Facebook. At the end of our second day the prototype was not functionable but looked very good.

Wired unicorn
Suddenly on the backside of the museum the door opened and a whole school class was coming out. When they started to lift their mobiles for taking photos I ran away with Pepe and hide ourselves behind a car. I heard astonished voices: They flee from us!
So all in all it was a succesful business trip and an adventure. I know now that Pepe is capable to present himself in new and different locations easily. He gets tired and the best thing is to put him in the trailer and close the doors. I observed him through the windows, just resting and eating and being quite.

3. Point, Moritz, Pepe and Sabine traveled to Berlin
Short after the Linz trip I had a business trip to Berlin for more than 10 days. Because of the SLAP project I decided to take all three Ponys with me. I wrote about it in my last post.
It went very well. I was worried about the long distance and the two older geldings, but there was no reason. After 9,5 h driving they walked easily out of the trailer and went very relaxed on their new meadow. After several hours I had the feeling that the two geldings were bored and wanted to go home. Nature is very different in Berlin. The ground is more sandy therefor the grass is not that rich. Good for a Pony with laminitis. The new home for the Ponys were in the middle of a building business. And I could not stop to wonder how easily my guys accepted the total strange and new environment.

Point on his way for the morning grazing hour
Same as at home, one hour in the morning they get the chance to take their mouths full.

Not yummy, but lot's of it

Alert and friendly before the morning run

When we left Berlin the Ponys again walked easily in the trailer. When we arrived home, no sign of stress or wonder or what else I expected. The three are great travel companions who like to explore new areas or at least show no signs of stress.
For me it was quite a challenge how to be mobile in Berlin. I'm still in the reflecting mode but have a tendency for the E-Bike. And because right now I'm in the place where I bought my first E-Bike one year ago, and I already visited the bike shop and the pink beauty which was there last year .... Story which will be told at Sandadel.com, and I don't know the ending right now ....

4. Sabine is in Italy
To wrap things up: Now I'm in Italy on vacation.

Swiming in beautiful water
The most beautiful ritual is the morning swim. Today we swam in the rain ...
When I think about myself now: I have a bad pain in my shoulder which is not really healing in the way I'm used to it. Alexander and I work a little on the side, but thats normal. My mother is taking care of my Ponys and I feel relaxed at this point. I read and knitt a lot and most important thing I start to sleep better. So recovering is in sight. And if my foresight is right the next 6 months will be more adventurous than the first six month of 2016.
One of the biggest questions for me was, if my Ponys will be able to travel with me or not. I think I don't honour this fact enough. I should be more proud and more happy, because it's a mirrow of how my little herd is healthy and functional. So with this fact in my back and giving me back up I face the future challenges in my everyday work. I want to keep it rich in variety and therfor I need strenght and energy.
I'm (we are) mobile!


  1. You've already accomplished in half a year what many do not get done in double that time Sabine - you DESERVE that vacation!!

    ps. I love the unicorn photo because what little girl (inside ourselves) does not secretly want a unicorn of our own?

  2. The little girls wishes can haunt or/and inspire us!


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