We did it - Ponys in Berlin

Last Tuesday my alarm was set for 4 o'clock in the morning, when I woke up and looked at the clock it was 3:59. This day I planned to drive to Berlin with all three Ponys and stay for around 10 days.

Start of a beautiful day
I had planned to start at 5 o'clock, but in real time I started at 5:45. I was not really nervous, but could feel a lot of tension in my body. 722 km lay ahead of me, means 9 to 10 hours driving time.
While driving I saw Points head in one of my side mirrors, I think he tried to look out but had to lift his head, also he licked at the place beneath the window. Don't know why, surely he was a little bit nervous.
Traffic was ok, I thought it would be worse, but on the other side I saw three really bad accidents with helicopter on the highway and complete closure of the highway. Gave me stuff to think and concentrate. I got in one traffic jam, it was a jam a big one on our side because of a truck which lay at his side on the other side. In German I call this 'Guckstau'.
After 9 hours and 15 minutes we arrived.

Arrival in Berlin
So the amazing thing was, that my two elder Ponys got out of the trailer as easygoing as possible. The unloading happend in front of five stallions and Pepe made a big Hallo out of it. It was not dangerous, more fun, because the little one was the loudest and gave all well behaving stallions a lesson how to behave.
For me it was strange, one of the first people I saw was the mother of my friend who runs the place and I haven't seen her in 10 years. We both were 'just' 10 years older. You know aging is an important topic for me.
My three have a very quiet place without close contact to other horses. It's kind of wild and scruffy. At the first evening I had the impression that Point are kind of skittish and unsure about what's this all about. When I arrived the next day I found a picture like this and thought: Can't be that bad.

Peaceful sight
The next day I started to explore the area. It's just outside the city border of Berlin and of course a total different landscape. In Berlin we don't have this rich ground as in the Zollernalb, it's more sandy.
What I really like are the wind turbines. I'm fascinated by the look and sound.

My Ponys were not troubled, even when there was this moving shadow ...

We were out two times now, always found a circular path. Close to the horse pension is a dairy farm with 800 cows and calf for meat (I think). It's huge and there is special smell ...
The cows are outside and curious and I think beautiful.

First three cows, than more and more. Again Ponys were not shocked.
When we moved on, the cows were walking with us.

All in all I think my horses arrived and can deal with the new situation pretty well. Once a day they have closer contact with the other horses in the pension. Means I go there for cleaning and Pepe's Hallo is going to be normal and easy to handle. It's also interesting how different the horses react. Some seems to have fun and jumping around, not furious, just for the fun of moving. Also there are a lot of stallions the atmosphere is quite and relaxed.
Conclusion: It seems my Ponys are going to be mobile!


  1. Some parts of Canada have these wind turbines as far as the eye can see; while they do the job of harnessing the power of the wind, they are SO noisy, I would not like to leave nearby a bunch of them.
    The smell of cows... yes, special & hard to describe to someone who has never smelled it. My sister used to say (when she was little) that she needed some fresh air from behind the barn.

  2. I was thinking about the noice when there are more and more wind. I also know that are sometimes rumors when people live close to huge wind parks. But in comparison to motorcycles or other noise which humans like to make just for their hobbies; at least the wind turbines are useful!
    I think it's always the same, even horses can stink when there are too much and there is not enough space.

  3. You're absolutely right, of course, we humans are so noisy!
    I see the tremendous value in alternate energy & I'm glad to see it being utilized more & more often.
    One thing that bugs me though, is when our governments harness the power of wind or water & then SELL that power to other countries while charging us in the producing country exhorbitant rates! I think, shouldn't one of the perks of paying for such technology development (through taxes, etc) be a rate break for domestic users?

    For instance, our power bill is now (no kidding!) 3x what we now paid when we were raising our children, though we must use only slightly more than 1/2 what we used then. Even allowing for inflation, this seems wrong to me.


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