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Point and I walk together through this world for more than 15 years. His character is kind of special, he is dominant but give up fast and he is not the friendly type from his mimic. It looks as if he is always complaining and in all this he is focused on me.
This time of the year is kind of worst. It's still hot - close to 30 degree Celsius - and our meadows are poisoned by grass mites. Pepe has no problem with it, a little scratching but not to much, but Point and Moritz scratch a lot and hurt themselves. Head and legs are cluttered with small wounds from scratching and there are a lot of small holes in the fur.
Two days before we left to Berlin Point started to run from the meadow. I know this already, he stamps and has a whinnying which is a kind of a roar when he is not able to leave the meadow. Since I know it's for real because of the scratching I 'close' the meadow. But this time even in Berlin he was not really happy of the small meadow they had one hour a day. He was always happy to leave ... and that for a Pony???
Now we are back and I tried several things the last week. Very early hours because of the temperature: not working. Pepe and Moritz on the meadow, he outside of it at the wayside: not working. He is even stressed when we go on the little street out of concrete between the two meadows.
So this morning I start a new routine, because I know this situation will not last for long. The fur gets thicker and thicker and temperatures will go down. Maybe one week or three.
When I arrive before six we go in the forest and I let them graze one hour. Normally I clean the meadow at this time and after that we go for our run, but this routine has to wait. I bring my coffee with me and my kindle. It is a kind of meditation. Sound of the grazing Ponys, snorting and birds. One of the books I read right now is 'The Age of Empathy' by  Franz de Waal. It's because these SLAP topic from work and it is also kind of special to read this book while being outside in the nature and close to my Ponys. It's very nice, more intense I would say.
So after the one hour grazing we walked back to our meadow and when I looked behind me I laughed and then looked again. Point was kind of shuffling behind me, the halter hung awry around his head and the head was deep. He was so relaxed.

Relaxed Point
I thought: You have made something right!
Yesterday he was wearing the GoPro and for the last 50 meters I let him run free. Relating of the SLAP Project it is fascinating how he scans with both ears and does this also while trotting. And I discovered a muscle at the beginning of the ears which moves which the head movement. I discovered it on a video from Pepe and saw it now again here. I wonder how many horse people know this muscle movement.
At the end he reaches the gate to the paddock and today I did the same and made a picture. He really wants to go in!

My home is my castle!
And now the video:


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