The proof: We run together

I always wanted to know how it looks like when we run ...
This morning Moritz was the 'GoPro-Man' and when I just watched the video I had my joy when I saw myself between them. The video is shaky of course, and the klack klack is the GoPro not Moritz hooves. I have to fix that.
I totally forgot that he was wearing the GoPro, normally I try to stay out of the picture. But that makes our being together kind of artificial, because it changes during a run or hike over the time.
So I learned not to stay out of the picture and saw myself between my Friendly Hairy Creatures!


  1. Today 4Shoes Life is back online.
    Tomorrow I will publish an article of crime, passion, & a fugitive now traveling freely throughout Europe.
    Sabine, you may be the one to spot the fugitive & lead the authorities to apprehend her & return the child that she abducted from her Canadian home. I hope you will share tomorrow's story with everyone that you know & encourage them all to share & share & share!


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