Draußen sein / Out again

Seit einer Woche vor Weihnachten waren wir nicht mehr richtig draußen. Da hatte sich Moritz sein Knie verletzt. Vor zwei Wochen als wir eigentlich langsam starten durften gab es einen Rückfall und Moritz konnte sein rechtes Hinterbein wieder kaum bewegen. Heute haben wir einen ersten Ausfall probiert ... Der Grund war, das sich seit Mitte der Woche Moritz anders zu bewegen begann. Vorher liefen die Vorderbeine und die Hinterbeine mussten halt mit. Seit Mittwoch fingen die Hinterbeine an mit zu laufen! Sozusagen.
It started a week before Christmas that we were not able to hike again. It was then when Moritz injured his knee. Two weeks before we had the permission to start slowly walking, but Moritz had a relapse and he wasn't able to move his right hindleg again. Today we made a first sally ... The reason why I dared to go out for a longer trip was that since last Wednesday he started to move differently. Before the front legs where moving and the hindlegs had to follow. Since the mid of the week the hindlegs started to walk on his own! So to say.

Ein perfekter Wintertag
A perfect winter day

Kommt Ihr?
Are you following?

Überfrorener Tümpel
A frozen over pond

Boden essen
Eating soil

'Dreck' kauen
Chewing 'dirt'

Moos essen
Moos eating

Voraus laufen
Walking ahead
Walking behind


  1. You must have been scared for him! Poor Moritz, I'm glad he's feeling better.
    Occasionally I see my horses eating dirt - then I realize that they are in need of more minerals as this part of the country is very sparse and the grass is not as nutrient rich as where I am from. Since I added loose minerals (dumped in a loose pile for them to choose from their feeders), I don't see them eating dirt anymore.

  2. Yes, I was totally scared. I thought that it has to do something with his age and that we are stuck in there. But my vet was very persuasive and insisted on a single accident. He also told me that the healing process will take 3 to 6 month. First that knocked me out. We are a herd we stuck in this together and the side effects are enormous for each single one of us. But I'm happy he is back!
    Can you explain a little bit more about your minerals? May be share a link. Sounds very interesting, but I have not really a clue what you are doing!
    As always Mrs Shoes so good to hear from you!


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