Wer rausgeht trifft wen ... / Who is going out is meeting others

Und getroffen haben wir heute Wasserbüffel und Koniks. Nicht das erste mal, aber noch nie so intensiv.
And we met the water buffalo and the Koniks. Not the first time, but never so intensive.

Die Wasserbüffel stehen mit den Koniks auf einer Fläche, daher sind sie Ponys gewöhnt. Obwohl ich mich schon frage, ob sie wirklich jemals Nasenkontakt haben? Und sie haben gerade Kälber bekommen. Insgesamt habe ich drei Stück gesehen.
The water buffalo are together with the Koniks in one area, so they are used to Ponys. But I asked myself if they really have nose contact with each other? Also they have calves. I saw three of them.

Ein zwei Kilometer weiter haben wir dann die Konik Herde getroffen und Point hatte seinen großen Auftritt.
One or two kilometer ahead we met the Koniks Ponys and Point had his performance stage.

Irgendwas passiert immer und es wird einfach nie nie langweilig. Ich selber kann mich an diesen Anblicken nicht satt sehen.
Something is always happening und I never ever get bored. For myself I like the perspective of my Ponys and can't never get enough of it.


  1. Wow, water buffalo is not something I would ever expect to see; very cool that they just act like quite calm cows, but those HORNS! Oh my.
    I see you are using retractable leads for the boys - it is so wonderful that that is all you require to keep them under control.
    Point so pretty running the fence alongside the other horses; but, most of all, I love that little stallion squeal!
    I ride our same trails most of the time, but I never find it boring either - Mother Nature always delights me with something new or different, whether it is wild rabbit or deer or wolf tracks in the snow, or a tree has fallen or leaned over the trail somewhere, or (eagerly awaiting) the change of the seasons.

  2. Thank you for realizing the easiness I have with my boys: retractable leads! You are the first, people wonder how I got the idea, but never understand the liberty in it.

  3. those water buffalo are amazing! Your horses are so brave, everyone looks friendly and happy.


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