Gotcha - Behaviors refering to childhood

This morning someone switched the light on. Because at this time of the year from Monday to Friday I see my horses just in the dark. Last night it snowed a little this morning and I found some tracks. I always wonder what they are doing at night and here I could see - they were wandering around

When we came back from our jogging tour - it was way before 8 o'clock - I wondered because I saw colors. There was a very pale blue at the sky. Wow how I missed the light!

At the office I was busy with preparing a presentation for tomorrow and yes I have to admit: I had fun! When Alexander and I drove home, as always, we were listening to the music. Random from his mobile. Suddenly I asked him: 'Did you do anything or is it just bad luck?' 'What' 'The music, Santana, Pink Floyd with their dog song and so on.' He laughed and said 'No, it's luck'. The music went on and I was in deep thoughts about my presentation again when he said 'You can choose something'. Instantly I asked 'Where?'. And he said 'For the music'. In these few seconds happened a lot within me. First I had a big feeling of Happiness 'I'm allowed to choose something'. In my mind there was pink and yellow, or choosing between chocolate bars. Yes my first thought was about food. That was why I asked 'Where'. And then there was a deep disappointment because I knew there is no shop in our range for happy choosing... And than it was all about changing the music. Okay I didn't change the music because I forgot listening. Suddenly I had this big longing. When we lived back in Berlin and that's what I told him: 'If we were in Berlin this evening I would go to the nice Greek restaurant. I will have several small but very hot dishes and a small Retsina.

At 8 o'clock I would be home and it would be a perfect evening'. Silence on the other side, I know why! No greek or other restaurant in side, same as happy choosing.
But we had another greeting from my past. I was waiting in the car while Alexander was picking something up. In the morning I choose as perfume Aqua Cologna Hazel and Tonka from 4711. And in the morning Alexander told me that he liked the scent. So in the evening close to 10 hours later when he came back in the car he said 'Hm, you smell good What did you do?' And I said 'I did absolutely nothing'. I mean what could I have done. Pitch black outside, cramped in the car thinking about that I have to go outside to fetch the ponies ... Again silence and then he 'I don't believe you'. Almost always you say you did absolutely nothing you did something.' I felt like a child, I think I had a kind of stupid grin in my face, but I really did absolutely nothing!'
So summarizing. When I get invited to choose, I create happy feelings of food and colors in my mind and when someone thinks I did something I must grin. All in all I think someone (greetings to my parents) must have done something very right! Thank you for that!


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