Half kept promise

I promised to walk the 'Wild path' this afternoon. So what is the 'Wild path'. It's a hike, and the special thing about it is the possibility to let two of the ponies run free. It is not an offical path but were the big machines drive for woodcutting and the hunters hunt.
When the day light stays longer I usally go this path on Friday evening. It's not very long but with a lot of ups and downs, living ground of the boars all in all kind of magic. For me it's the perfect way to chase away the ghost from the working week and invite the magic ghosts from my private live.
On the way to this special hike normaly Point and Pepe are running free and doing there stuff.

When we enter the wild path it looks like this:

I had a funny feeling that something is not quite right and yes a few meters ahead is a deerstand and a hunter was in it. I just saw his face and his rifle. That's one of my badest dreams. I asked him 'Should we leave?' and he just nodded. So I turned around with Moritz and thankfully the other two were not off but just following.
With a slighty bumping heart I thought about what now? In 20 min it would be dark and how many more hunters will there be in this area?
Next, we arrived at a wide field and Moritz decided to wash himself in the snow. That relaxed me.

Point and Pepe did some free running. I can never get enough of looking at them then they are running, jumping and hoping like this. 

At the end they were gasping and I decided to go a few steps more so that non of them reached home while gasping. During the last meters I felt well protected.
My white guard in front, and the blondes in the back...


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