Sunday morning after bad dreaming

Sunday morning and I awake from bad dreams. I kind of run out of the house. There was a little bit of snow and not really cold. I choosed my heaviest boots for walking, so I gave myself the promise that I could be in the woods all day long. I dressed in layers because you never know...
Short breaktfast for the ponies and a even shorter brush. The look was like 'just out of bed' :-)
At the beginning I was just looking at my feet the ponies were snorting but it did not relax me.
I thought about going until I'm out of myself. Is this possible?
But step by step I felt better.
And than Moritz gave me the kick for the first laugh:
You have to know he had laminitis in June and to see him running like this, is the best thing on a Sunday morning after bad dreaming. What are you moaning Püppi?
After this it was all very normal. We saw no human being, only a car passed and at the co-passenger side was a very old many who gave us a very friendly greeting through his window. He possible was happy to see the three ponies.
We walked close to 7 miles and at the end we all seemed satisfied.
Short stopp at our house but Alexander was still sleeping. That's great. I fetched a Lebkuchen Schmidt as breakfast and brought the guys to their meadow.
All in all a successful Sunday morning ...


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