Elderberry is underestimated

That's what this poster is telling ...

Elder is underestimated
... and Alexander made this photo for me in 2008. In 2008 we already had moved to Baden-Württemberg, means living in the countryside and I made my first contact with elder. It feels like yesterday, but the truth is it is 7 years ago, that's rocking!
First time I saw elder I feel deeply attracted. Instantly it was my magic plant. Nothing had changed since then, but I learned to make jam out of it. The smell in spring with the elderflowers and again in the late summer or beginning of autumn the smell of the berries. There is always a moldy side in the smell, but for me also a rich promise.
In the paddock of the ponies it grows wild and lots of them, I let it grow. It's good against the flies (bla bla) and also there is a song (in German) which ends with the following words: 'In elder trees there are living strange peoples'. Laugh at me, but I believe in this and this is where my magic comes from!
But also I like elder jam and make it by myself.

In the back elder elder elder ...
and first time in 2015 that I needed my favorite hat in the morning!
So I collect the elder berries and put them in my steam juicer.

Steam juicer for elder berries and later in the year quince.

All filled up.

Here comes the juice!
I like the very rich colour, so deep red almost black. Also the whole house smells moldy, again. Last greeting from the elder.


  1. I now have to go smell the elderberry. I admit I have always overlooked it, our wild elderberry is quite scraggly, with dusty-blue berries. There is a one in Major's pasture, but no animals eat the berries, not birds or horses. Maybe our variety is not tasty!

  2. I'm looking forward how you describe the smell. I have a lot of blackbirds and I think they eat sometimes some of the berries. It's good if Major has one in his pasture because the anti-fly thing is true. Also because of this year summer heat and less rain, our berries look a little more rough than usual.

  3. How wonderful for you.
    This year I discovered that we have APPLE TREES!! So exciting, & so sweet & tasty. Perhaps the trees are just now mature enough to produce fruit, because we never knew before finding the apples this year - such a surprise!
    We also have wild raspberries & Saskatoon berries & enjoy a sweet little treat now & then.


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