The breakfast inspector

Can you please give me a last sip of coffee?
Saturday morning and Pepe inspect the interim breakfast:
1. One kindle (colour fits to his halter and rope)
2. Jam: quince and elderberry, butter in the background
3. The post lady already delivered the newspaper and a parcel
and 4. 'Please, give me a sip of coffee?'
5. I removed the fresh rolls :-)

As so often on Saturday we went to the butcher for rolls and bread. While the ponies graze in the garden we had a delicious but fast breakfast.

I also tried a novelty and used Pepe as a packhorse or better a pack pony.

New play: Being a pack pony
He didn't cared but we have to try more often because it is very difficult to fix the saddle-bags and also get use to weight. Bread and rolls where just a start!
My dream is to go on trips which last several days ... yes Sabine you wish ... because I'm so incredible faithful to my man and ponies, I would not leave them at home while strolling through the world with Pepe. So we play pack pony and strolling, with always coming home not later than afternoon.


  1. I love the thought of Pepe carrying for you. So cute!

  2. I missed your comments - good to have you back :-)


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