Moritz and Sabine: One hopeless case

Moritz and Sabine: one pair of shoe

The facts:
1. Moritz is an old pony
2. Moritz has laminitis
1 + 2 = 3. Therefore he is definitely stiff in the morning.

And to make a long story short Moritz is definitely close to lame and sensitive with his feet when he is on the rope walking with me. When he is walking loose and has the green guard 'in' his face he is old and can move just very slowly. If he runs loose and has nothing 'in' his face maximum a normal halter, than he is not lame, has no sensitive hooves and is also not short of breath or anything else ... and looks at least 10 years younger.
On our porch conversations in the evening I went through this topics for months with Alexander and I'm not coming to a conclusion, because I can't believe it.
But as always this man knows me incredible well and holds up the mirror for me.
I'm more or less a loner, and can be touchy when it comes to social contacts. And when I'm in such situations you will not believe, but I get pale, my stomach starts to hurt and sometimes I'm a kind of short breath. Aha, that sounds familiar, or? And you know it's serious, I'm feeling really bad. Out of the situation and I start getting better.
This morning we hiked through our forest and I wanted to figure out, if my old man is able to walk a few miles or if he is indeed to old or too sick for longer hikes. Therefor I changed between on the rope, loose with the green guard and loose with halter. I have to be careful because he is really sensitive with the grass, but in the woods there are some distances with old grass or less grass. And he reacts like turning a switch.
Conclusion One: He is able to walk distances (several hours). Conclusion Two: Because I can empathize through my experiences I asked myself what helps me in the situation. 1. Compassion? No, makes things worse. 2. Anger and aggression? Better than compassion but not really helpful. 3. Ignorance? Best choice I would say. And all in all of course avoiding such situations. So that's the thing I can try to do with and for Moritz. But all in all there is a lot of space for impatience and misleading. Apropos he is the only one acting like this. I think he is really intelligent, and sometimes when they talk in horse magazines about intelligent horses I think they don't have a clue. If you have an intelligent horse, than you have problems, or let's say you have situations you even don't know that you are in them.

There are other ways to connect to horses and in conclusion I want to show one of my last favorite pictures of harmony and friendliness. Who knows what these two guys are talking of ...

Seems as if the two share something ...


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