Steaming Pony

Sunday morning and we were all relaxed, probably because I had an extraordinary good sleep. While cleaning the paddock I got a nice 'Good morning' from another outdoor girl.

Highlanders - can't wait to see them on a daily basis

I had a longer run in mind and the sky had a perfect blue. May be a little to warm for the guys but we will see.
Moritz was a funny joker in the last days. Offering tricks in inappropriate moments but with a charm you can't be angry with him. So he kind of followed me over the paddock looking like: What we gone do today?

Play with me ...
So we started our run and we were in a perfect harmony. I'm always astonished how much a good night sleep makes the run easier. Also a really good fish soup with great ingredients as dinner helped with the good night sleep. I was a really bad sleeper in the last months and I'm so happy about this one good night sleep and how it changes the view of the world.

So it was warm as you can see with Point. He also was a little bit nervous today and always checking behind us ... Some follower?

SomeWhat behind us?
In my region now is the time of woodcutting and hunt. The noise is everywhere, during the week the woodcutting and on the weekends the shooting. And in the last years New Year's Eve always gave Point the last kick into a boost of his borreliosis which comes which great nervousness and aggressive behaviours towards his companions. So I'm a little bit looking out for signs. May be that's one of the first.
So now we come to my favorite picture: My steaming Pony!

Where to go?
At this point we can choose between four ways. I let the two blondes choose ...


  1. That is neat spiral wire in front of those cattle, I don't think I've ever seen that kind of wire here (just barbed or smooth, or electric wire or tape which is white & blue). We considered getting some of these cows, but the horns concerned me around the horses, so we decided to buy miniature Herefords instead (a young bull & two girlfriends will join us here in Sept 2016).

    This is a nice close up pic of Moritz, & Point so handsome with the natural background; I always like pictures using the sun as back lighting.

    Steamy ponies... what's not to love? <3

  2. I have this spirals too and they are so great because they are just out of the way when you open it.
    I have very much respect of these horns. And I will never ever let my horses come near this cattles!


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