Finally - last day of the year

While sitting here in my cosy study the first firecracker are fired up and I try to stay cool. But it will not last long ... because I'm pretty uncool about loud noises. As a child I grew up in the Rhineland and Fasching is important in this region. I have a fussy memory about it, but I remember a situation standing in front of 'little cowboy' with these blank ammunition and crying my head off. Even today I get really nervous when I only see a balloon. I can't pass without twitching nervously my head and putting my fingers in my ears. That means I'm perfectly prepared for the firework at New Year's Eve.

Yes, I'm very afraid of firecrackers 
This morning I took just the Little one for a longer run and we had a great time. Accompanied by Alexander via What's App.

My hometown from a distance: Surrounded by woods
We had a little rain and there is more to come. The trail I choose is a nice one, but really slippery after rain.

Slippery trail
Because of the flip-flopping with Alexander, Pepe took every chance to catch the last green blade of grass. I think from his perspective it was quite a lot.

Look, there are still green blades of grass
Alexander then asked Pepe to make a photo, but he apologised, and we tried a Selfie:

At least we all look into the camera ...

I'm kind of curious for 2016. When it comes as I think than there will be a lot of traveling including the horses: 'Mobile Ponies' ... look out for us!
So at the end of our jogging trail this morning I had this fantastic view ...

The trail ahead: Curvy, ups and downs.
Welcome 2016!


  1. I love the hat with the monster face! Welcome to 2016, I hope that beautiful road ahead has many wonderful adventures...

  2. Yes, it's my favorite hat and you know what: Alexander brought it home from a business trip in LA, a kind of a Hipster market. I wish you and Major wonderful adventures and find many Shangri-La's.

  3. Awww, what a cute hat.
    I love fireworks. We haven't gone to town to see them in decades though; instead, each August we make our own display at our annual Family Gathering. First I lock up the horses in the barn & the dogs in the shop. It is my favourite part of the weekend.

  4. Ah Mrs Shoes your are just such a brave girl in comparison to me :-) Alexander always laugh out by the thought that I'm the jumpiest of us four. Cool ponies, jumpy human ... But definitely better then the other way around.


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