Gathering in the garden

Equal number: 4 women and 4 men
It's a perfect blue sky and we were up to a nice hike. Today 'we' are not the usual suspects me and my ponies, but we had guests. To name first, my mom is visiting me and we have two rituals we really love. First hiking and second visiting the wool shop. Also my friend from this village was brave enough to join us. She has two perfectly well behaving dogs, and she is the one who takes care of my hairy guys when I'm abroad.
So when we gathered in our garden I asked for a picture from Alexander. Yes he lives in the sky :-)

This was kind of a perfect trip and really nothing happened

Just walking and talking ...

And now some wonderful examples or evidence.

No my mother is not shouting and I'm not making faces,
but yes the one in the middle is an angel!

What about a new companion?
Because I never see ourselves, this was kind of interesting ...

Can you see our speed lines?

The colours were carefully chosen,
3 brownies and 2 in white.
This time our visit to the wool shop was canceled because of the winter or Christmas break of the shop. Therefor I was there by myself and was able to conquer some treasure.

All in all this means at least: two sweaters for Alexander and
one sweater for me and 6 pair of socks ...
A few days ago I finished this sweater and fall in love with it. It is a quite fine wool so it took it's time. The style of this sweater is absolutely perfect: length, width and of course the hood.

Label in the hood and
since it is finished I have worn him uninterrupted.
Over night I hang him in the cold and wet air for refreshment.
In my opinion wherefore a good wool sweater say Thank you!


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