AFTER a week in Berlin

Alexander calls this picture: Grumpy Robot
I tell this story from the end to the beginning.
It's Saturday morning and I'm back home. Behind me is a fascinating week in Berlin. I learned and heard and saw so much ... And I felt home, like easy home, like getting confused what it is real. That's why I look like this in the camera. But, I like this photo, when I really look like this, I like it! (That's a rare thing for me to say about me!)

Evening welcome home mood
Friday evening: The journey was easy without traffic jams, so I was able to bring the ponies into the paddock by myself. I was not greeted by them as usual, like no body talks to you and it didn't make me happier. But these are special thoughts I have about owning horses or ponies. The sky turned into a mystical red, pink orange, the air was very cold and fresh. At least nature showed his best side at the end of February.

Berlin look: All packed up
I forgot how cold it can be in Berlin. It's not the temperature, but the wind which blows very cold and steady along the streets.

A nest
Believe it or not, that's what we discovered right in front of our hotel window on our last morning.
And how meaningful is that?


  1. Is it a Blue Jay Sabine? Such a beautiful colour the tail... the nest a symbol of returning home maybe. I like it.

  2. It's a hoodiecrow and there are quite common in Berlin. Great name, I had to google it ... In German it is called Nebelkrähe, literally fog crow.


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