I thought this bridge ...

Neckartal-Bridge close to Weitingen
Picture comes from here
... is all over my blog. But no, I'm totally wrong.
I felt remembered to 'my' bridge while reading the latest post in Trails (and Trials) and one picture showed a huge bridge.
So I scrolled to my blog and found just one post where I show a photo and talk about this bridge.
After that I scrolled to my photos because I was sure that I made a lot of photos. Again wrong.
Just this few ones from very close when we underpass the bridge on our hikes.

Bridge over the river Neckar from below: Fascinated by the linkage

Bridge over the river Neckar from below: High above us

Bridge over the river Neckar from below: View over the length

Bridge over the river Neckar from below: Steel ropes
I'm torn between with this bridge. It's a highway and as a driver it means 'you are almost home' or 'now you are leaving home'.
As a hiker I like the view from faraway. Close to it, it is terrible noisy, but I'm sure I overreact.
I also have very positive memories because I crawled with my ponies directly at one end under it to pass it. I was so proud of my guys because they didn't blink with an eye while the cars speed above us and the bridge was humming from the resonance.
As a resume I have not only 'a tunnel in my life', there is also a bridge in my life.


  1. Very cool! Nice to see "my" bridge's doppelganger. When you go under my bridge it also hums, and you can hear the expansion and contraction of the metal, quite scary. Mine is called the Foresthill bridge, and is 730 feet above the river. They built it so high because it was supposed to have a lake beneath it, but they never built the dam because of earthquake concerns.

    I love having interesting views. And seeing yours too!

  2. Okay Sabine, I am back reading this post again, because the last line seems it may allude to something more - as you mention 'a tunnel in your life' & then "a bridge in my life", is there any hidden meaning there?

    A little while back you teased us by saying there are some exciting prospects that will soon happen for you & Alexander, perhaps big changes, you said.
    Anything new to share Sabine?
    I am like the cat who may die from curiousity, but would then be brought back to life by learning the secrets.
    Have you heard this old saying, "Curiousity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back."?

  3. Oh Mrs Shoes you are a master in reading between the lines. But after the tunnel and the bridge, there was also a nest!
    Changes started and we are right in the middle of it. But right now I'm not ready to talk about it. The change is good but exhausting.
    I knew the first part of the saying, but not the second. For me curiousity means being alive and being interested. So for me your curiousity is a big compliment.


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