The time were you can buy strawberries just begun. In the morning when I make our carrot juice I now take a few strawberries and but them first in the juicer extractor. Extra glas for the juice and extra glas for the extract.
Alexander get the juice and I put some cereal on the strawberry puree, than some plain Joghurt and some blueberries. Finally some cinnamon.
When I went to the breakfast table happily swinging my glas Alexander said: 'You made food that fits perfectly to your outfit'.

Designed by Sabine
Discovered by Alexander


  1. that is a cute outfit, and you could make me that delicious breakfast anyday!

    1. That's easy during strawberry time, just choose a new trail with Major and stop at my door. I'm sure Major enjoys the carrot puree.

  2. Mmmmmm... berry & yogurt parfait!


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