Finally ordinary stallion problems

How to start: I feel as if I have hit a wall. In the morning when the alarm went on I felt as if a ton of weight was put on my body and on one hand I wanted to speed uphill to look after the Ponys and on the other hand there was this slight horror about what will expect me.
Yesterday evening I cycled uphill to bring the Ponys in their paddock. I just saw Point and Moritz, not to unusual, sometimes the little one is hiding in the bushes and comes out when I call after him. But yesterday nothing. Normally they run to me, but this time no greeting no coming. I slowly went to Moritz and called after Pepe. Slowly I did understand that something is not right, but my thoughts went more in the direction, that he again managed to slip through the fence and that I have to look for him. But a small horror was already up. I took Moritz at his mane and went with him toward the exit. I thought I had heard a Pepe whicker, but was not sure. Point came with us and close to the exit I saw that Point had several bigger and bloody wounds. Bigger and more than he sometimes has after a fight with Pepe. I inspect them, bad but not serious. Ok, now my horror was really up, because I thought that Pepe lies somewhere in the bushes even more injured. Point and Moritz were pretty normal. So I went back over the meadow which is big, steep and at the edges there are a lot of bushes and the forest edge. There it was the typical loud Pepe call, but I didn't saw him. I walked after the sound and finally I saw him in the bushes. I don't know if you can imagine how I felt. But I was calm, very very calm. I called him with a soft voice and finally he began to move towards me. All looked normal, a small bloody wound under the head. But the little man was wet with sweat and a little shivering. He was totally exhausted. Very slowly we crossed the meadow. I brought him alone to the paddock and started preparing to separate Pepe from Point and Moritz.

Separation is now necessary
Years ago I started to build up the whole paddock that, if necessary I can separate them very fast. I always thought that I'm too softly-softly, but I always told myself it's a stallion. Even when he is little, don't underestimate him.
The thoughts in my head where swirling. At the meadow I had called Alexander, I had the urgent need to talk to someone, also I need more time than usual. He was very sympathetic and said that he can hear it in my voice and if he should pick me up. Pepe was very slow, but I couldn't see anything else. I thought that maybe he got some kicks. I gave him hard bread because I wanted to know if he can chew ...
When I was collecting the geldings I phoned Jasmin. Jasmin has experiences with stallions, a lot! She is the only one I know with several stallion in paddocks and also tries sometimes to put them in a herd. She is the one where we will be, when our Berlin time is coming. Friendly and calm voice and yes it seems that the time has come. She also had several stallion in herds and suddenly they changed and start to hunt and bite.
There were small signs since several weeks or close to months.
So this morning Pepe is seriously laming and he was shivering. I covered him with a horse blanket and also some protection again the rain (snow). Breakfast was taken, but he really don't wanted to move that much. So I took Point and Moritz to the meadow but while we depart I could hear him calling. When I came back he went the whole paddock to follow us, and so I decided to walk him to the meadow. Same as the paddock prepared to be parted. Even in pain he was very agitated when I went by with the geldings.
So this morning I did all the final preparations for a serious and permanent separation. Sadness in my heart, because I was so proud of him, being part of a herd. At the end I went again to him, I just think that his whole body is may be a black and blue mark and therefor I don't want to touch or clean him. I knelled beside him and stroke his neck and instantly he had this agitated look and the neck became a little rounder. Proudly he faced me ... And I was remembered at Lucky an old Frisian stallion who belonged to Jasmin. Every touch was commented and at this time I thought how exhausting a stallion can be. When nothing is ordinary, no touch, no kiss ... I ask myself what has broken the dike, or may be it was this fight that opened the final gates.
First, he has to heal. Than we will see how life is going on. Small chance that he became his older self? Sure, small chance or something in between ...


  1. What a scary situation, I'm glad you're able to separate them easily. I hope Pepe improves, do you think he is in a little shock ? I know this is personal decision, but is there an important reason to keep him a stallion if his behavior does not improve? I know that stallions can live lonely lives if they cannot integrate with a herd.

  2. You point your finger on/in my thoughts. By experience I can tell you a stallion (or Pepe as stallion) is something very special. The bond is quite different compare to a gelding. He is also much more awake. Also I have lot's of space and he separates himself pretty much all the time. Right now he can see them all the time. But I have this in mind when I get the feeling that he is miserable. Thank you for your straight question! He had a shock I'm sure, but it's over.

  3. Ahh, I can see this is very hard.
    Hard for the little man, his pride likely injured along with the bruises.
    Hard for the others to feel that they must ostracize him.
    Hard for Sabine as she tries to work out how all might be happy, & sad for losing that happy little trio she ran with not so long ago.
    Hard all the way around.
    I am sorry to say, if gelding him is the only way to regain that happy little herd, then it would be my choice.
    But only you can decide what is best for all of your little herd, you included Sabine.
    Let us know how it goes.

  4. This is a very good step-by-step analysis. Right now, we are pretty good in rejoining ... I keep you posted.


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