Sad mood

After an extraordinary stressful business week, now I'm in a sad mood. It's good because it means finally I get some rest.
And I'm sure all of you know this kind of mood and that you can intensify the feelings by looking at older photos. I didn't do it on purpose. I actually looked for a photo of 'flying Moritz' which will go public on Monday at my Blog Sandadel. After I found the photo I started to wander through the files ... I found two photos which I fall in love with.

The four who belongs together
This picture is more than 10 years old. Pepe must be at the age of two at this time. It is in Berlin on one of our trails. Seems as if we walked a lifetime together.

When I opened this picture there was a soft 'Oh no', which escapes through my lips. A light but sharp pain close to my heart. Why? I rewrote this text several times and still can't figure it out completely. For once it looks beautiful and full of serenity. In the next second I also knew that this was not a happy moment at all, because I already knew we had to leave Berlin and move to the Stuttgart region. Maybe Alexander came to make 'last shots'?
It's like looking into a Mirror, it's the sadness which have creative people when they figure out that they are not always able to live their lives self-determined.


  1. I am quite familiar with this particular sadness... but it's not good to dwell too long. I recall this saying,

    "Those who live in the past will be depressed,
    Those who live in the future will have anxiety,
    Only those who live in the present may dwell in contentment." ~Lao Tzu

    The words come to me often as a reminder to appreciate what is now.
    ((Big hugs to Sabine))

  2. Thank you, it feels good to see someone who understands, and yes I'm already on the move ...

  3. I know too. And I know that feeling of seeing a photo and almost gasping at the memory. I think both photos are lovely and evocative, thanks for sharing them.


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