Can someone please kill the heat or after finishing the post I should change the heading, but couldn't find a new one

Since weeks we are in the 30 degree Celsius zone and it starts to bore me. In the morning - my favorite time - it is close to 20 degree Celsius and this is not really a relief. I admire the ponies, they are just hanging on. I can remember that last summer, Point and Pepe both had a day where they had problems with their circulation. I had to cool their legs and than it was OK. And normally the nights are coming with reliefs, but this year the air stands still and no coolness in sight. Also we have no rain since weeks or probably months the earth looks parched. I have never experienced a summer like that.

Yesterday I decided to sit in the saddle again, because Point is behaving very strange and I try to avoid situations I can't control. So my choice was Moritz and we were heading to the butcher for bread and after that we went into the river. Which is also not very refreshing. But Point was splashing endlessly.

I was just sitting on my very calm Haflinger and enjoyed a stress-free view. After he was satisfied I let them graze with the feet in the water. And there was a time, were I felt incredible cool. Don't know where it come from, but just sitting very comfortable with a backpack filled up with fresh rolls and a yummy bread, it overcame me that this is where I want to be. At least for the moment ...

Sunday morning I caught the little one for a longer run. We passed at a farm with cows and horses and I know that they also have two female Minishettys. I always like to look at them, I can't describe why but they look so different. We didn't saw them, but instead met the dog of the farm and some of the people. The dog is some sort of Australian Shepard and was barking - from my view furiously - at Pepe. He was behind him and moving from left to right. Pepe stood like a monument. One of the women tried to tell me about their two Minis, and the farmer was trying to get the dog. It was confusing, but than the farmer told me, that the dog is allowed to bring the Minis home in their boxes every evening, and that he is now confused because Pepe is not moving. I know the dog since he was a puppy and was confused because I know he is used to horses, also to very small horses, but it seemed that he showed his teeth. Finally Pepe had enough and started to make his neck high and round and that's the point were I caught him, because I know he is preparing to fight back and he is very quick and accurate with his front legs. Later I wondered that this would have gone really wrong, if the dog had tried to snatch and I would have start a fight.

So we went on and what I like in our forests that normally on every hike you find yourself in situations with the ponies which you can find in 'Extreme trails'. I read about it at and thought while reading, hey you don't need to go to an extra place like this, happens all time more or less when I move through the area. Pepe too cool to believe it ...

Few meters later we had this great view, and I had a kind of opposite feeling to yesterday in the river.

It's incredible beautiful, and it's not just one spot. The whole area is like this, totally romantic. But I had the urgent feeling of not belonging here and not feeling home. I just found a quotation in an old book I read before ages and was underlining sentences, that 'Home is where space and time are happy togehter'. The thing is, that yesterday in the river the feeling felt not wrong, but dissociated from me. The feeling of not belonging here, feels much comfortable and closer, even saver! I strongly believe that our time here is coming to an end, and I think it's time to do more than talking. Hu, that's serious. In the book I found one further citation that fits, besides there are lot's of great sentences. 'Who lives in Berlin, can't stay that stupid!' The book is Wahl der Waffen by Judith Kuckart.

We continued our run and I started to feel dizzy. It was hot and I also started to get hungry and thirsty, and there it was my breakfast:

Sorry not a sharp picture, maybe my hands were shaking because of tiredness ... just kidding! Yummy, sweet and sour, just hanging in front of my nose on the hillside, so totally save, concerning the fox tapeworm. Told you, this region is a fairyland close to land of milk and honey. If I stay I will get fat and stupid!


  1. I love the site of the horse playing in the water.

    I am SO curious what is going on!!!!

  2. Honestly me too, and we are kind of narrowing us to a showdown. There is an option to a good end, a middleclass end and a showdown that maybe is all in all the healthiest. In all this there is an oportuntiy of reinvention in our work and ourselves, which we take. But it eats up a lot of strenght!

  3. Theodore Roosevelt said,
    "“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life."

    Can hardly wait until more details are revealed, such as if this upcoming change will include all the ponies.
    Such an exciting time for you & Alexander!


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