Hiking with Pepe and him teaching me to slow down

The temperatures was rising again and on Saturday I made a hike tour with all of them. We went to the river and it was a great time to get really dirty - all of us. We slided down the bankside and when I was in the river and looked up, I had a small panic attack because there was no way up. But muddy till under the ankles we escaped the river: No, no pictures, just imagine four really dirty fellows ...

On Sunday I took the little one for some extra time together and we started. Hotter than the day before, but I had a trail in mind with lots of time in the forest. We have now these stubble fields and I loved to see the color of Pepe's fur and mane in front of it. But the best, my little man is lying down so that he can scratch his back feet. Okay, little man take your time!

Pepe lays down so that he can scratch his back feet.

All in all it felt harmonious until he fell back and tried quite a while to give me the hint: Do you want to run or hike? Like 'Hey relax!' And so I did: and next we found a good reason to pause.

A plum tree, just waiting on a roadside.

It was a plum tree. Normally there are lots of apple and pear trees. I myself have round about 15 apple trees and 2 really big pear trees on the two meadows. In our garden there is one apple tree, two quince trees, two cherry trees, somewhere is also a plum tree and lots of (I think I counted once 18) currant bushes. But the plums were a nice variety. So we snacked on them. When I found out that Pepe was eating the fruit stones I gave him just the half's. We were just a couple, me opening the plums for him.
The next part of the trail was very overgrown. It's not a declared path, more a short cut. And it was boar land, even I could smell this. Pepe was really brave ...

I follow you, even when you don't make it easy for me!

I haven't seen a big anthill like this since childhood.

And next came a Mirabelle tree in yellow! Also yummy!

Seems to be a good time for hiking from now on. Fruits are available! While traveling along I saw from a distance a strange glowing. Honestly it looked not from this world.

And again the next Food Court waiting at the wayside: Mirabelle plums in red. From my point of view, better than the yellow ones.

The way now went downhill, and I don't know what Pepe was sniffing, but he behaved like a dog. Nose constantly on the ground and going relatively fast forward. We came to a tree which lay across the path he sniffed along the whole tree. But anyway nice exercise for Pepe:

Coming home Point and Moritz got a plum as a souvenir, and I know what my funny Moritz will do when I offer him a plum. You have to look very carefully at the last seconds on his lips. You can also hear it!

It took me a while to figure out who it was who spits out the plum stones. Once I had offered them a branch with a few plums. And afterward I found some stones. The funny thing is he really cleans them!

It was a nice timeout with my little man, and as a thank you, I was greeted very energetic this morning.


  1. Wow, such a variety of fruit trees! Wonderful - do you put up any home preserves (canning, freezing)?

  2. You know Mrs Shoes, while walking I let pass the nine years I live in the countryside and what I did in the beginning and where I'm now. I will make a post out of it at the weekend. Also I was remembering one of your posts when Mr Shoes build gardening stuff for and thought about what you will or would do. Looking forward to your comment!


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