Friendly Hairy Creature

Why did I name my Blog like this? Can't be him! I begged him to look friendly in the weekend. 

But the opening braid looked so great and he so glamorous. He is now eleven years old and he belongs to me since he is 4 month old. I wonder if I have a similar look ... I would love that.


  1. Reminds me of Fabio, all the hair. I like the braid looking tousled, as if he'd just tumbled out of bed.
    My Morgan horses have no shortage of mane & tail & it is considered thick, but I think your boys is a little thicker & proportionally longer.
    Very sweet.

  2. Yes the 'just out of bed' look. Moritz has also a thick mane, but the single hair is very straight and sleek. It's very difficult to make a braid and when you open it, it vanishes instantly. Sometimes Pepe has curls when the air is very humid, and Alexander blames me for styling the little one. He looks than like a little angel or like these Barbie Ponys :-)


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