Exceptional ability: Creating time-outs out of nowhere

Alexander and I have an exceptional ability since we know each other, which is quite a while. Sometimes we are able to make out of nowhere places and feelings like holiday, like as if we are elsewhere. It's like a giant energetic refuel. It' not predictable, it is as if time and space are making an agreement just for us.
So from my Sunday journey with Pepe I skipped one of these seldom moments.

After I was in the river with Pepe and on my way back I checked the time and recognized that I again was lost in a time hole. It happens all the time in the woods around my home village ... But I phoned Alexander because we agreed on skipping grocery shopping on Saturday and so we had decided for Sunday evening noodles with tuna sauce. But with this decision for the meal we had to eat early, means around six o'clock. Otherwise the stomach will hurt the whole night. Yeah, we are some kind of getting older and having taking good care of us :-)
So I phoned him, and told him that I' forgot the time - no surprise - and what about the idea he prepares the food and we have dinner in the garden while just Pepe is hanging around. Accepted!
Around one kilometer from home I got this picture via WhatsApp with the note: Hurry!

So we sat under our apple tree having dinner while Pepe was eating a carrot very slowly.

After he finished he kinds of checked us through the currant bushes. You eating, OK me too.

Once Alexander asked what is he doing and I answered: He found an apple.
All in all it was for sure under 30 minutes but it felt like a whole day of holiday somewhere in the south. With the heat and the food. So strange and so healthy and happy! Kind of a gift we sensed and enjoyed.


  1. The secret of a long happy marriage is to fall in love with each other often & whole-heartedly.
    You & Alexander seem to follow this old adage quite well - it's very lovely to see such a couple.
    Oh, & pony-man too. <3


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