Acute attack of wool fever - again Bulkilopi

Roughly two weeks ago I ordered Bulkilopi from Iceland. Last week came the email that my order is on the way and my anticipation was high. I think that I, at least thought once a day about the Bulkilopi. This time I ordered wool for myself. The last one was kind of a mishap.
I was the last three days on a business trip and when I came home last night there was a letter from the customs office. Yeah, my Bulkilopi arrived.

Finally - out of custom office
I was so happy and I wanted to start so badly.

Pocking at the parcel to catch a glimpse
Finally I was home and could unpack the parcel. I ordered one Bulkilopi in black. If the sweater is ready it is possible that I will wear it every day, because it will fit to everything. The second wool color is multicolored and I fall instantly in love when I saw it.

Multicolor Bulkilopi
Until now I was just able to make one ball of wool, but I will start later.
If someone asks now about my poor Alexander which has only one Bulkilopi there is another story.
I announced here that I will knit Alexander a vest out of Kambgarn. I did, and while I was stitching my label on the vest he was eagerly sitting at my side and waiting for me to finish. I had no chance of making a photo. And he literally didn't put the vest off since then. Tomorrow I will order more of the Kambgarn, it has really great colors, because Alexander ordered several vests. And do you know what he said to me: Buy a lot of wool, because I only get just the half of it. The other half will be too small, because you will knit too tight so that you can wear it ... Big grin in my face. Knitters know all things can happen!


  1. I feel your excitement! What a very cool talent you have to knit, and what lovely colors in that multi-color one. Can't wait for some finished project photos!

    I know the anticipation of waiting for something fun in the mail. I recently ordered some wool felt, but it is for crafting, not sewing, and it isn't here yet!

  2. Thank you, I already started and don't want to stop. The appearance of the multi-color is so friendly, such a warm tone. I'm sure there will be a photo of the sweater in no time.

  3. Thank you so much for your blog and of course for your recent order! How exciting to actually see the pictures of the package we just shipped - actually on the receiving end :) We can't wait to see what you knit out the the beautiful Bulky lopi. Keep up the good work and happy knitting :)


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