Waiting for Bulki Lopi weather

Right now it's to warm for a Bulki Lopi even outside. But that will change with the upcoming weekend says the weather forecast. This morning while peacefully grooming my ponies I got two weather alerts. First one: Heavy rain and one hour later: Heavy storm.
On Saturday there is the possibility of snow and the temperature will definitively go down close to freezing. So maybe finally time for my just finished Bulki Lopi.

Waiting to be worn ...

It was fun to knit and now I can't wait to wear.

I also finished a pair of socks for Alexander.

I'm a Alexander sock

Already worn and they looked great with jeans and the blue knitted vest from Kambgarn.
How did I choose this really nice colour? It's not typical for a male sock, isn't it? Yes this is quite a story and it's always joy and when I have a really bad day than I allow myself to play 'Choosing a new ball of wool'. I already confesed that I'm addicted to wool, so the next picture can't be a surprise.

My shelf of wool
In the case of the last Alexander socks I looked how many posts I already published in my blog and than I went ot the shelf in the middle with the most balls of wool and started counting. It's the Opal wool for socks in the strength four. The most common sock wool.
And there I landed with this beautiful ball of wool and I have to say I kind of saved it for me, because I liked the colour. But give coincidence a chance and as I said they look great on him.


  1. In my neck of the woods, bulki lopi weather struck last night. Winds howling & bringing enough snow to need shoveling. Ugh.

    I could not believe it!
    I told Mr Shoes that the horses must come into the barn for night because of the weather - he scoffed, it isn't really cold - but it has been damp for days & so I wanted the horses to have a comfortable night.
    We go outside & turn on the barn lights, opening the door so the horses could see we were preparing stalls. When I called them I heard the thunder of their hooves & waited patiently.
    But, they stop at the feeders, barely at the edge of the light & when I insist they come inside, away they run. Then they run back - but stop short of coming into the barnyard - running away again.
    I see now what is happening...I lost my bell mare in August, the herd leader, now the remaining horses struggle to know who is in control. The liver mare tries to get the others to stay away while my big boy would use his common sense if it's up to him. The black mare will follow whoever is leading (she is a sheep). If the liver mare is in the lead then all do as she does. If the gelding is in the lead then the girls will come behind him.
    For the sake of his stomach & his warm stall, I believe that boy of mine will need to run faster.

    1. I read your comment this morning when it was very dark outside and it was as if I was standing beside you. I could feel the wind and the cold, could hear the thunder of the hooves and saw their nervous breaths ... Thank you for this intense journey!

  2. It really is something to hear them come pounding towards me in the dark Sabine. Summer or winter, I never tire of the sound of hooves striking the ground & the snorts they let out, their exhaled breaths shooting clouds of mist into the air as plumes of smoke from the mouths of dragons.


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