Crazy November

It's in the middle of November and it is T-Shirt weather. It's around 68 Fahrenheit. When I go for our run in the morning the ponies are all sweaty after our 20 minutes run. I think it is as if I would run in a down jacket. This afternoon in an acute attack of tiredness I draged the fatboy in the garden to a sunny spot and just fall asleep for a few minutes.
But we are in the middle of November !?
Early evening and Alexander and I drove uphill to the ponies for the night ritual. We also had to do some grocery shopping and decided to split up. We had a fantastic red sunset and were sending us pictures. Here it comes the 'competition' of afterglow in November.

Red sunset No 1
 We were still together sitting in the car approaching the ponies.

Red sunset No 2
Alexander sent me this picture while I was just trying to catch the blue color in the next one.

Red sunset No3
I fall in love with the color. A rich middle blue.

Red sunset No 4
Looks like the sky is on fire. Alexander called this picture: Heaven help!


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