Permission to ramble

It's Sunday morning and after an intense business week I have the urgent need to spend some time with my hairy friends and also to loose myself a little bit while hiking through the forest. That means breakfast at noon or later, but I got the permission :-)

From patient to 'Come on'
Yesterday we had a little storm and plenty of rain, so I was expecting one or two barriers in the forest. I was looking forward to climb over fallen trees and whatnot.
But there was nothing. I try to train my guys that they don't eat while walking. Normally they are allowed but it tires me pretty much. My two blond guys have their own strategy to trick me out. Moritz goes ahead and tries to get out of reach. With a leash which can reach 8 m he can do this easily. Than he tries to snack. I have to be very alert with him. Pepe on the other side tries do vanish out of my site. He falls back and then starts to snack. Very funny the two ... I'm amazed about the different strategies! Point head goes usually slowly deeper, he is the easiest to catch.

Today is not my photo shooting day, let's do serious walking
Because of the rain the air was fresh and super clean. It was a pleasure to breath.
I choose a hike we did not often in the last month, but where I expected the most fallen trees.

Entrance of the valley
Halfway between we have to go through a valley. It's wild boar land and kind of mysterious. It's a small valley and the sound is muffled. A lot of moss because of the wetness and in some light it seems to glow in a psychedelic way.

Glowing moss

Someone has build a ladder to climb up the slope. That's look special.

Self-build ladder
At the end of the valley there is a small house. I have seen sometimes an older lady gardening, but no one lives there permanently. But I found something - in my understanding - kind of crazy and disturbing decoration.

Snail shells spiked on small branches
May be I overreacted or have read to many bad crime story's. All in all there where more than 50 snail shells spiked and in the trees were colorful ribbons. Some kind of a party?
So with my goosebumps up and my nerves slightly alert we went on.

Because of the weather I was also looking forward to our small 'terror' river Eyach.

Yes, lots of water but nothing to be alarmed
I found my fallen trees, but just one as a barrier.

The wood feels soft more like flesh instead of wood
And finally our barrier.

A problem to solve
Pepe was jumping, the other two are climbing.

And a posture at the end.

I like that view
It is very seldom that my ponies look up in the sky. Point looks dreamy ...
'Pampered' like this I look forward into the next week.


  1. I kid you not, there's a place on the highway where the fellow has decorated every post (for at least 1/2 mile) with a skull. I think they are cattle skulls but I've never stopped to go up close & see for sure. I think he is probably not bothered by trespassers much...

    In days past, I had seen ranchers hang horned cattle skulls in the bush for the bugs to clean off. When the skull was clean then they would use the skull for roping practice (or, for decorating purposes, eg: southwest style uses the chevron pattern & lot of skulls, sometimes painted but sometimes plain as elemental points of the design).

    Nowadays you can buy a roping dummy (plastic horned head) for about $50. which you jam into one end of a bale to practice your roping skills.

    I wonder if the snails act as a deterrent for deer or other animals which she wishes to keep out of her garden, maybe? & perhaps the ribbons to scare the birds from the garden perimeter?

    As always Sabine, love the pony pics.

  2. Uh, isn't that strange? The snail shells were like guideposts. From the entrance to the small house and in front of the house around a small fireplace and space to sit. I think it was a 'party'thing ... Maybe I ask her, if I see her again. I dreamed about the snail shells in the following night: I was writing a book and it was my entrance to the story :-)


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