Sabine' guys

Can't believe that I forgot this video - it's from 2011!
I was on a business trip and Alexander had to take care of them. At this time, because no laminitis was bothering us, they stayed 24 h on the meadow. So, Alexander had to bring them mineral bigs. You know, it was the time I was really serious with minerals. Today I'm much more relaxed.

I like the scene at the beginning when Moritz is sleeping. Alexander calls and he startles, so human. What I also like, that they are sooo relaxed. Alexander had the feeling that he disturbed them. No need for snacks ...

I also remember that on this business trip I went to a restaurant and had forgotten my money. It was so embarrassing! They let me walk back to the hotel and fetch the money. There I was so proud of myself that I managed to visit alone a restaurant and then that ...


  1. My favourite part is Point rolling; for whatever reason, I never get tired of seeing that. After a ride, when I turn the horse out, I always stay & watch a while, in case he should roll, I don't want to miss it. :-)

  2. Yes, they top it when they also groan and rub the head extra on the ground.


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