The fog eats the blue sky

My house is in the valley and the ponies are uphill. For the light or the impression of the weather this means in the morning a very practical situation.
I'm uphill and it looks like this:

Great blue sky
In the meantime my valley is 'under fog':

My valley in fog
When we are ready with our running section normally the fog is lifting and coming to us. This morning we were a little bit faster ...

Just above the fog, but when the ponies go on the meadow
they vanish into the fog

So at 7 am I had the impression that this will be a great winter day with blue sky and sun. But when the fog vanished we had grey sky and lots of rain ...
Still I/we had a great morning!


  1. love it. My horse lives in the fog, and I live on the hilltop. So sometimes in the winter I wait and wait, and still it is yucky cold fog when I go to ride! Glad you still had a great morning!

  2. Ponies in the fog - furthering the notions that they may secretly be dragons still.

    1. I just don't want to harp on it, but sometimes when they vanish I fancy that I hear a flap flap ...


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