Very snowy Sunday

It's the third day with snow and I took the chance for a longer snow walk.
Ponies are fine especially the two Blondie's, Point I'm not quite sure. He is more nervous then usual and that makes me nervous ...
Before we got the snow it was raining raining raining and I think it is around 10 days that they had a dry fur. So they can dry or dry the under fur over night, but they don't get dry. Also it's funny how different the three types of fur are working. Moritz has a thick but short fur. Point also thick but with longer hairs. Pepe has the thickest of all, with a very thick and fine under fur and long hairs at the cover. If he gets really wet, I mean through to the skin then he has a problem. Normally he is wet the whole winter at the surface. He is so well isolated, that the cover hairs don't dry. So my child of sorrow is Point. He starts freezing easy, but he also is fine with a blanket. And in a night like this, temperature should be dropping below -10 and it was snowing all day that means he is wet, he got the blanket.
Our walk:

Look to the right ... I haven't seen anything
I choose the tour to the 'Bottomless Lake'. Lake is a total overstatement, it's more like a puddle.

Also the colour is not really pretty

Some of the paths had almost no tracks and I walked in their trail for a easier walking. But I have to admit it was more exhaustive than usual.

My private snowploughs

The weather was spectacular. Alternately blue sky and than little snow storms. For a while I walked 'beside' one, but I had luck it went in the opposite direction. But I was caught by one of his followers.

Impressive: Walking side by side with a snow storm
Just before we reached home I saw the legs of my three hairy creatures ...

Snow Foot

And there is a similar picture with my 'iron horse'

Tyres or legs, looks similar to me
Yes I'm still cycling uphill and downhill every day twice. You can ask yourself what I ask myself every time: Brave or stupid?! It depends ... Normally we don't have this weather for long, so may be I can romp through without to much damage. I philosophized a little about it in my other Blog Sandadel, so for the English version please got to: Snow and E-Bike and the German version is Schnee und E-Bike.


  1. Private snowploughs, so cute.
    Snowfoor - pretty familiar with that too.
    But Girl, you lose me on the bike... you are far more committed than I could/would be.
    Good on ya.


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