3 cm of hail and it stopped just at the front door of my hometown

The weather forecast told for yesterday that the very hot season will end with a boom in our region.
I was in the office, it's about 40 km away from my hometown and there was light rain and some lightning, nothing special. I got out late at the office and drove home.
When the weather forecast is like this, normally I can see it while driving home. It looks like doomsday the direction I drive that means home, but yesterday it looked fine and I thought 'Maybe nothing happened so far, and it will come down in the night'. During the last kilometers on the highway the wayside looked odd. As if someone had mowed and didn't cleaned up. At the last meters broken off peaces from tress where hanging at the side and I started to wonder what had happened. After leaving the highway there was fog. I never had experienced fog like this. I could see may be two meters ahead and I was really afraid because I had to made some turns across roads. My G-Class is really not quick of the line ...
Around 4 kilometers from home I had this view.

No it's not winter it's July 22th 2015

Spontaneous I wanted to turn around and run away. It's hail.
But we had enormous luck 2 kilometer from home there was a weather divide and in our village we had heavy storm and rain, but just a short time soft hail. Wow!

This morning in the wood it was again foggy and looked like wonderland:

From the storm the ground was covered with leaves and small branches and I think I found a nice job for the ponies and me: We clean!

Sorry the picture is fuzzy, but all three were collecting the small branches. Also wet ponies ...

Now comes the cool part. A few hours ago my Mom called and said: 'In your hometown bricks are flying from the houses, are you OK?', and I asked her back: 'Do you mean now, or yesterday'? I really was very calm and felt incredibly cool, but had again this feeling of avoiding and on my way to run away. She asked my sister who stand next to her and was the messenger of this great news. 'Yesterday' was the answer, and I said, 'Then it's okay'. I'm save.
But it is still hot. We had a dry heat, but now we have a sticky heat ... Not really a change for the better.


  1. Sounds as though your weather there is as crazy as our has been this summer Sabine!

  2. In our newspaper was an articel about weather in Canada with fires on an on. And your last hail photos were impresssing, or your post about the lightning. Still I think it's crazy for European standards, but Canada or USA are from my point of view always a little more on top. 'Your' nature is much more dangerous, quasi even more nature ... if this makes sense!


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