Me the female version from 'Jonny head-in-the-air'

For Saturday the weather announcement was in the beginning of 20 degrees Celsius. It should had rain in the night, but we had no rain.
Nevertheless I decided to go for a longer run. We started around 7.30 o'clock and we had a fresh wind. And this wind caused me some trouble.
We started with one of our beloved beaten trail. Pepe in front of me, after me Point and than Moritz. May be we had no rain, but now we had wind. Great wind, which made the trees wave and the sound was gorgeous.

I was so fascinated that I walked with my eyes up to the trees. It was so beautiful and I felt so free and powerful ... Yep, and a second later all my feelings of power and freedom where gone because I hit the ground. Greetings to Trails (and trials), yes same happened to me, just from a different height and for a different reason.
In the blink of an eye I was lying on the ground, but it was long enough that I was thinking that is really not good. What happened? With all the wind there were lot of lost branches on the ground and my feet got caught. So without moving legs but momentum forwards I overbalanced. All Ponies stood still. Point looked curious down to me and Moritz tried to look around Point, with a expression on his face: What is she doing there?
I asked myself if I should take that as a sign and turn back. Nothing happened, just dirt, but I felt bewildered. I was kind of exhausted from the workweek and thought if this may be a sign. But on the other sight the wind was so great and we went on.
More or less the whole hike or 'joghike' I had these two beautiful butts in front of me, and felt save. Next fall will be soft ...


  1. oh no! Glad you're ok, though it sure looks lovely, I'd probably be distracted too. I think when we are laying on the ground it is very confusing to the horses! You have a very nice view of those pretty horse tails.


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