Food: Self-made fish fingers

Talking about food feels a little bit unnatural for me, but there is a reason. Alexanders sister is going to marry and they are planing something with cooking together ... Everyone should deliver a recipe, here it comes, self made fish fingers, one of my favorites. The second favorite is zucchini and it will follow...

All you need
For the start you need: 3 small plates, eggs (1 or 2), salt, saffron, chilly, sugar from coconut flowers, breadcrumbs from Japanese Tempura.

Whisk the egg in one plate and fill up the second plate with the Japaneses breadcrumbs and as well the spices. The dosage is more or less free, for us it's just a good trace of everything.

Mix it all up and than comes the fish.

By buying the fish just follow your instinct. Of course fresh fillet, but most fishes which are offered as fillet are working.
Dab it gently with a soft tissue.

Salt it.

Cut it.

As in the pictures shown: Dab it gently with a tissue, salt it as you like it and than cut it in 'small' finger-like pieces.

Rolling in the whisked egg.

Rolling in the Japanese breadcrumbs. 
After rolling the finger fish in the egg and the breadcrumbs collect them on the third plate.

Collection of raw finger fishes.
Meanwhile you put a pan on the stove and add some oil in the pan. We used sesame oil. Choose the oil you like.

Pan with sesame oil.
Heat it softly up before you put the first fish fingers in the pan. So that when you finally lay them in the pan you should hear a soft tingle.

The pan and the oil should be softly heathen up.
After the pan is full, don't make it too crowded, heat up but stay close. This is a fast cooked meal!
But meanwhile you can set up the table.

A white wine fits perfect and also some sauces with ginger, pineapple or whatever you want. Also nothing is fine, because the fish fingers are succulent.

Turning the fish fingers.

After a few minutes - around 4 - turn them around. They should be crispy and light brown.

Again wait around 4 minutes or take a look for the colour and than serve it on the plates.

Yummy ...

Enjoy your meal! and don't forget to listen to nice music while cooking. Making things all smoother and easy!

Cooking music our choice: Hooverphonic


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