I want to be like her ...

... strangely beautiful and heavy armoured!

Sunday morning and I have a plan. Last week I was driving to the vet with pieces of horse dung for examination about worms. I will tell when I have the result.
In the corner of my eye I saw trees with boards in front. And I thought that I want to go there, because right now I try to learn to identify trees. I'm not really good at it, but I want to learn because in a book I read 'Purzel speckt ab' (sorry it's in German but the meaning is 'Purzel (name) is loosing weight'), the author writes that ponies genetically are used to eat wood or branches. I know that my ponies are doing this a lot, and since two weeks every morning I collect some branches for them. I also will write in detail about the book, because I really learned a lot and the author is great!

First thing in the morning while cleaning the paddock I met an old friend above me.

I'm really not a cat friend, but this one impresses me since several weeks. She is very small and slim and I think she has a home in the village (not sure). She is with me every morning, and two weeks ago I heard a louder rustle and some cracking followed by a bump. She felt from 4 to 5 meter from a tree. Unharmed naturally. She seemed a little disorientated and went away. This morning rustling above me, and there she is, again several meters above me!

About my hike. Point was slightly laming, I think I never saw him lame in all the 15 years I own him. But it makes my decision easier. Just Pepe and me, and because I was in a very relaxed mood I decided to hike, not to cycle. The last weeks where hot hot hot, and almost no rain. In the woods I heard a constant humming, as if wasp where close, but the humming came from hundreds of fat flies. It was really ugly and I can't remember that I ever heard something like that.
I found some beauties at the wayside.

But was also aware that all in all humans are loud and ugly, after some motorcycles passed us and I passed the factory which is creating pellets for heating.

Than I reached the trees with the explanations, and it was really what I expected.

Lots of them. I read them all and some 'I see', but it was more to have a target to go, than that I really learned something. Still a nice thing, linked with some information's about a ritual in this small town about choosing names and passing this names. I had an odd feeling which I have sometimes when it it about German history and was not really willing to read this part.

Lots of trees and a nice rest for Pepe. As if he was in need for one! It was close to 6 km to get there and time for going home. On my way back I found a beautiful and strange trick from nature.

It must be great so see it in slow motion when this is opening up.
And some curiosity: A deer stand with a gallery.

All in all we hiked 11 km and I was really hungry and looking forward for breakfast. Pepe filled his stomach on the way and had enough energy for a really energetic 'Hi I'm home again'

As friendly and as adorable as he is, sometimes it's good to remember: Yes he is a stallion and he has a lot of power.


  1. OMG - he's no bigger than a peanut, & his little squeal? My cat has a deeper voice than this little dude. I LOVE his mane - he makes me think of a tiny little rock-star (perhaps Rod Stuart?) just about to trash his hotel room in a snit. Freaking adorable.
    But I sure as hell don't want him to kick me either!

  2. Dear Mrs Shoes, this is Pepe speaking: I don't know and don't care if I'm bigger that a peanut or not. I'm beloved and pampered beyond everything and that's makes me a giant :-)

  3. Those thistles in the first picture are my Padre's VERY favourite stolen yummy. He loves them so much that I will purposely stop at a patch so that he can enjoy them & he doesn't have to try to sneak it.


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