The weather is slowing me down

It's hot in Germany and it's very hot in my area, with more or less no rain. Sometimes there are sorts of water drops but you can't call that rain. I live in this area for now 8 years and the most typical thing I would say is the richness of humidity, in the air, with rain, in the ground, wherever. We have two wells in our small village, and they never show any weakness. In the last 4 weeks it was always above 25 degree Celsius, and last week it was always above 30 degrees Celsius and for me it is starting to get difficult. The house is all heat up, and in the night the air is not really cooling down. At least not to the point where you feel relaxed and can take a deep breath.
I'm already a bad sleeper, but know it's getting worst. In the morning I have swollen eyes and since a few days I feel dizzy sometimes. Nevertheless this morning I had the urgent feeling to get some miles under my shoes and I decided to start hiking right away. Not far, but something more than the usual round. So I covered myself and the fur guys with fly-proofing and than we walked a few meters. In my morning routine I drink my coffee during cleaning the paddock. Hiking with three Ponies who are used to graze at this time of the day and drinking coffee seemed impossible without starting a fight immediately. So the first minutes looked like this:

I finished my coffee more or less peacefully (I drank faster than usual, because I had nothing to do in between and I'm not used to that) and than we started. My designation was again the butcher (for bread) in the next village and than to figure out if we can splash in the river.
I caught the rolls and the bread. The butcher opens up at 7.00 a.m. I arrived short after that at the shop and it was crowded. That's typical for here, and I'm a little bit ashamed to belong to this uncool group of early birds. But I thought to myself, I'm not uncool because we walked 4 km to get there, and we walked and did not drive and of course we are four of 'us' and three are fur guys!

And the splashing was great great great ...

Point even layed down in the water and was splashing non stop. I splashed Moritz completely because he only stands in the water and tries to fetch some food. After that I splashed the other two also and with Point it's like a game. First he stops splashing and than its like he splashes back.
After that I let them graze for a few minutes, because the grass looked so green and tasty close to the river that I can't helped it. Very very peaceful, I would liked to enjoy another coffee, but that is something the butcher don't offer.

Point did some rolling and was moaning meanwhile. He was enjoying himself very much.

Pepe did his rolling on the way back. The ground was nice, sandy and dry.

We delivered our prey to Alexander while passing our house and got a reward of a carrot for each one, except for me. No reward for me: Hmmm! Ah, that's not right I fetched two kisses and earned a look: He was freshly showered and I was stinky and dirty. When do you think you are most pretty? (It's a question in the book Women in clothes.) For me, when I'm between my ponies after a few miles jogging or hiking, means stinky and dirty with a big smile in my face! Weekend you already arrived ...


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