Adventures - planned and unplanned ones

On Monday Pepe and I drove to Linz, Austria. We had to drive 611 km and I started at half past nine.

All prepared
Because I picked up the new horse trailer two days ago I didn't try anything, but trusted Pepe. When I picked him up, his two buddy didn't care. They literally but their back on him and continued eating.

In the back the two geldings continued eating
While I was doing the really last hand grips I heard soft comments from Pepe. It was raining, therefor he was standing under the roof, but I thought about trails and (trials), and that her major likes to travel with the trailer, because that means fun. I would be happy if Pepe connects the trailer with good memorys.

No hesitation while hoping in
He just went after me without hesitation.

Little Pony, huge trailer
All in all I was pretty nervous, but also eager to start.

Happy traveler
Off we go!
The trip lasts all in all 7 hours. I only stopped for gas, peeing and to buy the official badge which alows me to use the highway in Austria. Every time I checked on Pepe. Normally when you stop or drive slower you can hear him whinny, but I heard him just once. When I checked he appears relaxed. The weather was bad and in the end horrible. Rain rain rain and heavy rain in the end. But it was not much traffic and to be honest I was very bored while driving. The only thing to do was operating the windscreen wiper. The last 50 km we had to drive on country road and I think the last 35 km were serpentine small roads. Very steep.
When we arrived I thought Pepe would be exhausted from the drive, but I don't have to worry at him. Endless sources of energy, so it seems. It was planned that he stays in a box, but when I arrived things have changed and there would be a Paddock if he can't escape. But this one is pretty save. So the little stallion has now 17 big horses right in front of him, also mares.

Pepe's Paddock in Austria
What a view! I was worrying that he behaves too bad as a stallion, but he relaxed pretty soon (in relative to my expectations) and now it is his herd and he takes care of it. Good that he is behind fences.

The drive was exhausting for me and because with all things going on I also had a bad night sleep. So rituals always help me and I planned to make a big morning walk with Pepe. We started at 6 o'clock and came exact 10 meters or so than I faced a free-range horse. You know what I just whirled around and run as fast as I can back to the paddock with Pepe. Nothing happend and so I went back alone and there he was. A Noriker, beautiful guy with lots of energy.

Hiding in the paddock
I tried to catch him, but was careful and he was running away to Pepe. Pepe kind of freaked out behind the fence, when they touched nostrils but I could fetch him and I went in the farest corner of the Padoock. I tried to tie Pepe to the fence and catch the guy, so much I had seen, but I thought it was a gelding. Pepe was so in rage that I don't wanted to leave him alone and so I waited. Eventually it took me too long and I tied Pepe very short to the fence, fetched the big guy and went to the hotel where I found someone. It was a horse from the neighbor and it was a stallion. Hurrah, that could have went badly wrong, even every one told me that this stallion don't know that he is a stallion. Do I know these story? At least he got a lesson in real stallion behavior ...
After this early morning adventure we went for our walk. Pepe is like a punchball on the rope. Very fast and going in front, a lot of whinny. But with every kilometer he got more calm, really not my old Pepe, but better.

Big forest, stones and steep
I wanted to be back at 8 o'clock and when I was at this place I had no idea where to go. So I decided to turn around and walk back.

Where are we?
The interesting thing was, that Pepe knew every turn and knew every little path to take. At home none of my horses has reasons to go home, we stroll around and everywhere is home. I sometimes tried to let them decide and came to the conclusion they don't have a Clou. He knew and he was always right and it was really not easy, because I took some really small trails. My conclusion is that he wanted to come back to his herd. This Pony really have changed.

In the back you can see 'his herd'. It's the opposite view.


  1. It is a blessing to have a horse seeing being hauled as 'no big deal'.
    I'm excited for you Sabine & for Pepe to have some adventures!

  2. Yes and I'm truly proud of this. Right now I have the trailer in the farmyard and every morning and evening I go with all three through it. It's amazing they just walk with me at one time, as if we step over a tree. Funny and I love them for that. Would like to built up a whole trail with jokes like that. But standing still in a trailer will be another question ...


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