Hello Berlin

This is my first official post I write while I'm in Berlin. And I'm proud like my little stallion.

At this time of the year we have in Germany kind of short business weeks, because a couple of public holidays are coming up. This week was the first one.

It started with the re:publica as a business event and Alexander and I took the opportunity to settle into our Berlin flat one step more.

I'm very proud to show you my new working space:

Celebrating the new working space
And if you think, yes that's fit, see it from another ankle ...

Lot's of space ...

And my view, it's unobstructable!

I belief my thoughts can wander and grow
But there is another thing that is on my mind. Berlin is a city for cycling. It's flat, and from my point of view the traffic is relaxed. Also the distances are normally in one hour reach, otherwise you can hop into a public train with your bike.
You know my bike at home the e-bike I'm so happy with. There are several reasons while I want to have a 'Berlin Bike' which will not be an e-bike. So because it was easy to transport we took the folding bike Tern with us. Alexander had is old bike already in Berlin, because he is not cylinging in our countryside home.
I struggled the whole week with this bike. First I thought I'm slow like a turtle. Than I thought it's a hipster bike and now I'm sitting on a hipster bike like a ... whatever. When it comes to bikes, cars and ponys I'm peacocky. Also I had several interested views and three women suddenly stood in front of my bike and discussed it. Also one security guy react to the bike today. Last, there are some but really not many Terns on the street and I haven't seen this one. That makes me think! It/I obviously don't look stupid. And after a week I feel pretty well on the bike. Not a rocket, but steady steady.

How do I look?
I asked Alexander for a photo or slightly bugged about my complaining Alexander wanted to show me how I look. It's city, it fit's. So today I finally made my peace with this bike.


  1. You look GREAT on that bike, so stop fussing.

    What I like most about your office space (besides the rest of it) are the large glasses of wine on your desk... I'm guessing one is for A, unless it was a particularly thirsty day (don't ask how I'd know about that). ;-)

  2. And in this large glasses where a rosé sparkling wine ...
    Again very wise comments from the Canadian woman :-)


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