Invasion of the hot-air balloons

And how they spoiled my peaceful morning.
Our garden went wild and Alexander and I love it. But we no sometime we will start to mow and why not let the Ponys graze. Yesterday was a feast day - Corpus Christi - and for today we all have to take a day off, means including the weekend four days off in a row. I plan to relax.
Yesterday I did a hike and passed through a small nearby village. The whole village was closed for cars and I found this amazing arrangement.

The signature says: The journey is the destination
It's made out of petals and sewed grass and in my eyes it looked like street art.
We passed our house and because I was late, it was hot and I longed for a beer I let the Ponys graze. That's where we get the idea of letting graze our garden.

You don't see how full my mouth is
Because grazing is momentarily very rationed: In the night all three wear the greenguard on the meadow, in the morning is one hour grazing without greenguard, during the day they are in the paddock with rationed hay and on the way eating small branches is allowed. But it pays of, because Moritz had not one laminitis boost and that counts!
So I thought because I have the next three days off and in the morning more time than usual: I pick the three in the morning and bring them in the garden for the one hour grazing. In this time I drink my coffee, read and knit. Sounded perfect! I was a little bit disoriented in the morning, because I'm used to make my coffee and go with the coffee out, but I wanted to do that later, so without a sip of coffee I felt a little bit dizzy.

But we finally made it, and as planned I was sitting on the porch with Kindle and socks to knit and my coffee. Suddenly Point stand at my interim fence like this.

Point looking up
First I thought may be he hears horses and I jumped up to fetch Pepe, but instead ...

Hot-air balloon
Not only one hot-air balloon but lots and lots. They made noises like little thunder. There were smaller ones and bigger ones and Point started to get nervous and eventually Moritz joined him. Only the little stallion stayed calm.

More and more ...

... some very close
There it went my peaceful morning. When Moritz started to shake his neck and head I knew I had to do something.
I was angry because these balloon were so loud when they fired their burner and I didn't count, but I think around 20 balloons were passing.
So I caught my three heroes and do what I always do when I think there is some sort of stress: Walking and running. Right now my right shoulder hurts me a lot and Point and Moritz were very nervous so I thought about how to bind them together.

It's jungle-time

Linked - very peaceful for me
I think after 4 kilometers I heard the first snort and knew we are all save again. When we climbed the hill and were in the open space again I saw the troublemakers again in the distance.

Annoying sort of hobby
May be I'm a little sensitive to sound, but what I really can't stand is noise without a reason. I mean Saturday morning around 8 o'clock in the countryside means mowing, sawing, tractors and all sorts of machines. It has to be loud otherwise you are lazy, seams the message. But this hot-air balloons. It was around seven o'clock in the morning ... Guess people found themselves cool.


  1. 7am?
    Good lord, I'd think that such a high dollar hobby could be better enjoyed after a leisurely champagne brunch...
    Or is that just me?

  2. I haven't thought of this ... but you are right, imagine when they had to get up!


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