One Two Three: Test - Fully Loaded

Since I'm back from Linz every day my guys have to walk through the new horse trailer. I thought there would be trouble and started with Point, but ...

Standing free and relaxed in the new trailer
... he just walked in with me, and when I put down the halter and went out an wanted to make a video how he climbs out; he just stood inside and looked around.
So today is Sunday and Alexander asked me if I want to to the test: Fully loaded - also for my G-Class.
First I thought about picking up a nice hike, but there is one thing I don't get used in this part of Germany. The description of where and when something is happening, in this case where to start a hike. The location of a starting point for a hike is like: The sports field from Fischingen ??? No zipcode and of course no street name. And we have more than one Fischingen in Germany. Because of the big trailer I also want to know if I can turn around or not and so on. So I decided since it is a driving test I drive to my workplace. There is a huge parking space where I can stop and check the Ponys and turn around.
Let's start:

Point is behind Moritz
All three walked really easy in the trailer. When I leave the yard, first it goes steeply uphill. Alexanders concern was, that my G-Class will be very very slow. But it was not. It was just okay for the amount he had to pull.
Entering the highway it was as ever - traffic jam, I couldn't believe it ...
Not just traffic jam, but also heavy heavy rain. I don't know it seems like a rule, when I pull the horse trailer it has to rain.
Finally I reached the parking space and made a selfie as proof for Alexander. And you can see the reason why I wanted this specific trailer: A side window which can be open! It's an option and it is worth it!

Very serious and I have freckles :-)
To show you about the rain. There we came from, and there we had to go through again!

Heavy heavy rain!
So less traffic on my way home, but still lots of cars. What are people doing out there?
Back home my guys were not relaxed but seemed okay.

Moritz, climbing out of the trailer
Point is easy with sweating, but was not out of his head when he left the trailer. While I did the cleaning my guys were grazing in the yard, very relaxed.

Looks peaceful
Summarizing I think I have three very cool guys, and a cool car and now a very cool horse trailer ... And adventures are definitely lying ahead! And did I mentioned the one who thoroughly has an eye on me and my activities?


  1. That's wonderful; now you're mobile & you could probably strap a bike or 2 on top or on the sides as well if you wanted to.


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