Stallion update

It's round about 3 weeks that the little stallion changed our Pony Paradies. But we managed and found a way.
Related to the weather - we had some hot days and insects were exploding - I changed the meadow time from day to night. Because of Moritz as a laminitis horse they can't stay 24 hours on the meadow. I also have the feeling, that all of them see the Paddock as a recreation area. Less insects and very silent environment. During Paddock time I separated Pepe from the others. It's just a small cord with electricity that separates them, they are able to touch with their noses. They can eat close together, drink from the same tub. Again I have the feeling they all enjoy the silence which is now possible. Also Pepe has no reason - except sometimes to shriek and poop - and gets calmer. In the night I try to put them together on the meadow. This is only possible if I make some special kilometers only with Pepe and the Bike.
Looks like this:

It's total fun with him. He just runs beside the bike and in the end he looks very satisfied. But for me it's extra time, I'm an early morning bird and my whole rituals with the Ponys are oriented on the morning. But for now I had to make another change that buys me time. I have a very very close eye on Moritz because of his laminitis. So far it went well, but a few days ago I saw that he started to be sensitive with his hooves, at least downhill on concrete. So I decided they all go on the meadow only with the green guard.
During my thinking about the little stallion and how to manage Alexander once asked about the green guard as a bite protection. It was working in my mind, and now it is true. So I have three reasons for the green guard: Laminitis, diet and bite protection.
I had a visit from the vet because of the tetanus injection and he said, Point should not put more weight on him. Also Pepe, not fat, but he has a pretty strong neck (stallion). I think they look ok ... But than there was this vet from the official department ...
Next topic: Tomorrow Pepe and I will go on a business trip to Austria. You know the project SLAP. So therefor he needs a health certificate. Looks like this:

Health certificate for Pepe

Health certificate for Pepe with a stamp!
Very friendly vet, just a few looks and grips. But he looked at him and said, I have also a short one but it's slimmer. Uhh, sensitive topic and I don't want to hear it anymore!
Pepe and I will not stay in a typical business hotel, but instead at a trail rider hotel. I'm looking forward to see other horses in comparison. I wonder how my little stallion will behave :-)
I'm nervous like hell. Also coincidence my new horse trailer, which I bought because I want to be able to transport all three of them (to Berlin) arrived and I picked it up yesterday. It is huge, of course three Ponies should have space in it.

Picking up the new luxus horse trailer
Pepe is traveling first class in a kind of suite, but honestly it looks so good!
And now I will share a last video from Moritz and the shrieking stallion ...


  1. Wow, swanky little trailer, traveling in style!

    It is so hard to manage weight on the horses, & maybe on ponies even a little harder; we can only do our best on that balancing act. Plus, maybe he looks a little thick (that is power) but he is very fit also. I've seen dogs running beside bicycles, but this is the first time I've seen a pony doing it! You should draw some curious looks while you are away for SLAP! & I bet people keep stopping you to pet the pony.

    My horses came out of winter looking at good weight still, early spring is when I find easiest to manage & manipulate their weight by dividing time in the dry pen, feeding less hay more often, & turnout.
    My 2 full Morgans are SUCH easy keepers, but I have to feed Mr Shoes mare (1/2 Morgan 1/2 trakehner) a little extra so she doesn't get ribby while the other two still jiggle a little bit. She will walk away before she eats all the food I offer to her - the others stay right there & vacuum any leftovers til the ground is clean.

    1. Ha ha I know the vacuum type. I always say to Moritz he is the first and the last and the hay bar! Ponys are normally easy with food, I don't know how to say that correct in English: Like me they look at the food and gain weight!

  2. what an adventure awaits! Pepe's little trot is so cute, his little legs go so fast! Weight and horses is so hard to manage, too much, too little, just a small balancing. Good luck with that part.

    Lovely new trailer too, it is so interesting to see what people in Europe haul with, because here it is always a huge truck! Have a grand adventure, can't wait to read about it!

    1. I thought as an endurance rider you don't know the problem. But I think to less weight can also be hard to solve.


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