Good-by-hike in Berlin

Berlin time comes to an end, we have planed to leave on Wednesday.
And despite the heat which we have again I start for a hike this morning. I had a junction in mind which I wanted to try. In the hope to find a circular track.
On my way to the Ponys I can find snacks, funny for a big city like Berlin, but here nothing seems to be impossible, just open your eyes and search for the unexpected.

Pony snacks: apples, pears, rosehips
Maybe because the location change is close I enjoyed the difference of the landscape to the fullest. But this circular track really is a beauty and I can't wait to enjoy it without mosquitoes. This part is traversed with small canals beside the tracks. There is a historical reason I have to check again.

I was excited by the 'green'
When I first saw this green I imagines that small alligator eyes could pop up any second ...

Despite the mosquitoes, we all had this special 'walking mood' 
Once I looked back and instantly smiled because of the beauty behind me.

Close to the wind turbines is were we came from
I knew that we would or should come to the area with the riding path but first we had this wonderful atmosphere and light.

Light and shadow plays a beautiful game
Point was not alert but his head went up and it seemed as if he inhaled the light. After this area we were at the riding path. It was the point were I turned last Sunday.
Beside the riding path is a fenced area and I heard that they wanted to settle in horses or cattle. The sign say free running grazers and free running bull.

Caution: Free running grazers and bull
But again I had seen no sign of grazers. No trails or grazed areas. But we passed a rider on a Haflinger. She just smiled seeming to enjoy the morning like we did.

To reach this area is not nice, bitumenized small roads and lots of small rocks. The same time in the Zollernalb I should had to trimm the hooves of my horses twice. Here I just freed them once from sharp points. The sand and the asphalt have a high abrasion on the hooves. It's an interesting change.
On the way to this beautiful area I constantly heard the call of the gray heron. I think they gather because they are birds of passage. I also heard once the wild geese. In the Zollernalb we don't have this birds and at least the call of the wild geese I missed very much. It's a call which reach out to my heart.
The gray herons call grew louder and louder until we reached this nice area. And there was a field were I think one hundred were resting and calling. It's not a call to my heart, but I was very impressed. With the heat the impression was like being on a tropical island.


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