Relocating our Berlin horizon

My intention on this Sunday was to go further into the unknown area around Berlin. And I was rewarded, or we were rewarded.

Berlin pink
My friend from the horse pension has given me some direction. Over the railroad crossing, over the street, around 20 meters to the left, I think it is a yellow house tun right: there it begins.

Railroad crossing ahead
I brushed all three and as ever, Ponys look good, I'm in a kind of a mess. But who cares ...
We had heavy rain in the night but the sun was burning and humidity was high. But nothing could stop us. After the railroad crossing we meet a few people with two dogs. One women was so happy that I walk with my Ponys, she couldn't believe it. That's the right thing to do, and Pepe is so pretty and I wish you a wonderful Sunday. Very friendly!

Typical Berlin sky
We crossed the main road and walked a while on it. I was distracted and almost missed the yellow house, but after that 'hiking dreamland with Ponys' just started. All Ponys started to snort in a row and in my mind and soul I did too.

Just walking
I mentioned it often, but the landscape is so different. It starts with the ground Zollernalb is a reach loam ground, Berlin is Sand Sand Sand.

Point managed to make is ears black from the sand
I felt home in a certain way. Not is a desperate way, or so, more in a save way. Like, I know that I can walk here and can find trails and can find home. It's me who can't let things just be. I'm not homesick either in Berlin nor in the Zollernalb. I'm sad when I had to leave on both places and happy when I arrive in both places. There is a voice inside me who is sure there is a favorite and wants to pick 'the one' place. It bothers me!
I found a map and tried to find my location but couldn't find it.

My location should be on the left side in the middle
On the map was a small description about a project with cattles and horses who should take care of the environment and a few steps later I saw a fence and signs which warned that there is also a free running bull.

Serious fence
Close to the fence was a bridle path. It is 10 years since I saw the last time such a sign.

Bridle path sign evoked nostalgic feelings
The ground was sandy but firm from the last night rain and we where the first to make tracks. Pepe was busy walking ahead.

Pepe on the bridle path
We did not found a circular track. At some point I was unsure about the direction because we always got further and further away and so I turned around. But I have a lot of ideas about which paths I want to go the next times and how I can find a circular path. It's sad that the journey to this place took almost an hour, so it will be just on the weekends ...

On our way back
Happy but a little tired with the head full of new paths and ideas! Happy because these friendly hairy creatures just walk everywhere with me, as long as we walk and there is food on the side :-)

And there was a last 'Thank you' as a give-away.


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